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This amp was used for most of my guitar parts on the first Airbag album, Identity. March 8, at This will put your gain pedals in a loop of the Decimator and it will remove all of the gain noise from these pedals. Rolling down the treble this much may seem strange but there are lots of high frequencies and attack left.

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After trying some tube amps most of them only in stores, I admit , I found that they never seemed to sound quite right below a certain volume level as you say. Any and all recommendations on power tubes are welcome. I don't use any of the stock presets and I build my own from scratch. In practical terms, you could find yourself overdubbing when you meant to stop. David Hollander said Thanks, Bjorn!

I used it in front of my stock fender pro junior 3 tube amp as a effect unit only because the tube amp colors the sound of the gt amp models. So I got myself Alto ts10 pa speaker and I will test that combo when it gets here.

I did use headphones with the gt and its amp models sounded better than going thru my tube amp. This is my first multi-effect unit so I can't compare it sound wise with others on the market.

I think the next step up would be the kemper modeller for me. I just wanted something cheap and functional for now and this gt delivers. I didn't like the hd's navigation screen. I didn't like the fixed routing on other units like digitech's, etc. I think this gt is the best of all of them because it does so many things well.

Love the strong foot pedal and push. I updated mine to latest firmware and it was easy to do following roland's instruction on their website. I don't use any of the stock presets and I build my own from scratch. Very easy and fun to do. Definitely recommend downloading extra documentation like parameters info from roland's website.

The unit comes with a basic manual to get you started. No software or usb cable included. It's a very flexible unit and anyone who digs deep into the unit will find a way to do most of what they need to do.

Finally used my GT with a pair of Roland 80XL amps to get a full stereo sound on stage at the club I played over the weekend. Running stereo into the house PA too. Had many tubes amps that I liked most recently the EVH 50 watt head but just weren't practical when I need to play cover songs in a night. I had considered the Roland JC but I'm reading the older models sound better. But I want reliability so a 25 year old amp is not for me when I'm making money every weekend. Also, two of the Roland 80XL amps are easier to carry than one big JC and I get a better separation stereo effect by placing them further apart than the JC speaker set-up allows.

Someone commented on the sound of the guitar this past weekend, saying it sounded just like the CD. That's cool and all but my aim was to have a couple of different sounds in the ballpark of each tunes sound. I'm not a note for note player unless it's a melody line I need to follow.

I like to improvise on stage a bit. But I don't want to do a 3 minute solo either. I play for the song. The GT was a lot of work but the sounds I get are far superior to the Boss GT-8 which I owned at least 3 separate times hoping it would sound better with each new rig I had.

A live gig is always going to be the determining factor in whether or not a rig, or even a pedal sticks around. The manual mode is great at providing the sense of having 8 stomp boxes at your feet at once. Other great features include the amp control which allows you to switch channels on your amplifier if the amp is recognized by the GT Also, the accel-function is a new nice little addition to the board.

There is almost too much to alter with within each patch: The Dual Screen new to GT is really helpful. Boss really made this multi-effect pedal versatile while also more simple to use than the GT I would recommend it for anyone regardless of genre. This device produces great tone for Rock, Blues, Alternative, Metal, etc. Also most of the GT patches on the Internet will work perfectly with your new toy which means almost any sound is readily available to you. I've only had mine for a little over a week but with my blues Jr amp and Fender Am.

What more do you want This is probably one of the best effects pedals out there. I have been using it for about 8 months now. I did a show last week and everyone commented on how great my guitar tone was. In my opinion this sounds better than those pedals. One of the keys to making this pedal sound good is to select what you plug it into in the settings section.

If you selected that you are plugged into a P. You need to select what you are plugged into in the settings. This thing sound incredible through that system. You can download software from Boss that makes programming custom patches simple and easy. I programmed some incredible acoustic patches. Besides the typical effects like reverb, delay, and chorus Roland includes FX1 and FX2 in every patch.

These categories have a wide range of effects to choose from. I used the Acoustic processor to make my acoustic patches. I used the guitar sim to make my electric sound like an acoustic. There is also a Defretter effect that makes your guitar sound like a fretless instrument. This quickly became one of my favorite effects for acoustic and clean electric tones. I really enjoy everything this pedal can do and it has been the best gear purchase I made all year! I previously gave this unit 4 out of 5 stars, but I am now upgrading it to a full 5 stars, especially after playing with it some more.

This unit basically replaces all of your effects pedals AND amplifiers!!! So, instead of getting that Marshall stack or Fender Twin, you can invest in a very nice PA system and mixer instead.

The built-in pre-amp faithfully reproduces vintage and modern amplifier sounds you must choose the correct output first under the "SYSTEM" menu ; hook it up to your PA system or guitar amp and you can get big sounds without the big guitar amps.

You can also use it like a pedal board, with a barrel load of simulated stomp boxes that you can turn on an off by stomping on them in "Manual" mode. The looper is every bit as horrible as I've described it in my previous review, but I realize that the GT wasn't really designed for looping after all they have the RC series loopers for that.

That's a shame, because I really like to solo over a looping rhythm track. The menus are a breeze to navigate and the user guide is a rather thin and much appreciated booklet, instead of the typical doorstop-type book.

The GT represents a tremendous value for what it was designed to do it was definitely NOT designed to be a looper at all. I would have given it five stars if not for the terrible looper. Looper only gives you 38 seconds and you can't add removable memory. Also, the need to double tap any button is a major inconvenience, especially if you miss the double tap window: In practical terms, you could find yourself overdubbing when you meant to stop.

The "Accel" button is totally useless. The whole point of getting a pedal like this is to customize your own sound, so the notion of using the Accel pedal to "change the sound and intensity over time" is idiotic. On the bright side, you can reassign the Accel pedal.

The expression pedal is horrible for wah wah effects because it isn't spring loaded get a proper Dunlop CryBaby instead , but it comes in handy for crude volume control. Other than the annoying features I've listed, this is a really nice MFX pedal. I've always loved Boss pedals. I play through a Roland who own Boss JC amp for 30 years.

I've never had a single problem with it and still love everything about it except the distortion effect. But all the GT feels like, is a series of old pedals packed into one unit. It seems restrictive in that you can't use the same type of pedal more than once when putting a preset together i.

If you can do this, I'm sorry, but I can't figure out how to. The software librarian is nostalgic in that it looks like it was meant to be used with Cakewalk v. The USB interface has alot of latency when connecting to your computer I thus have to go direct in through my sound card and use one of it's channel inputs up. All the above is very sad because this should and very well could have been a great unit.

With the arrival of VST based units such as Amplitube, Guitar Rig, Pod Farm and so on, the sky's the limit for stacking pedals and building the exact sound you want. Frankly, for the high cost of unit, you're basically buying a computer in a heavy duty box with pedals attached. So why not let it have the same capability and adaptability as its software based competition? If it did, these units would fly off the shelves! The all in one concept also lets you chain fx without all the extra noise that comes with patching individual analog pedals together with analog chords.

The GT unit comes with preset slots and for users to fill themselves. Most of the presets sound old and have been heard countless times on countless units. I haven't wanted to play Hotel California, Aqualung or Highway to Hell for at least 20 years already. The other feature I was looking forward to was the ability to use the board to control fx individually like a true pedalboard.

While you sort of can do this, it appears you only have access to about 4 fx at a time instead of being able to assign all 8 switches to different fx units. As usual, they're always out to get you for even more money no matter how much you spend.

In summary, the unit definitely sounds good and is built Boss tough. However, the onboard presets are a huge disappointment as is the lack of ability to really set up your own presets using multiple incidences of the same pedal. This thing is amazing. I got it in a trade. Was looking to stop the tapdancing fiasco going on with my pedal board.

The Gt is intricate, yet simple. Navigation is easy as cake, but there is so much to navigate. It might appear daunting and intimidating to the usual analog stompbox guy, but she's a gentle giant when you treat her right. I use a Laney Ironheart so I love my lead tones, but I often use many different effects on my cleans to give them some flavor.

So I hooked this up and went to the task of writing my signal chain and saving my patches and banks. It has lush choruses,silky smooth and echoing delays, a piercing dynamic wah, sweeping phasers and flagers, and many many more.

Heed this, if you're impatient, this isn't for you. If you take your time with this and tweak the knobs and go through everything you can get this to do whatever you want it to. It works perfect for me in going from my dry lead tone to say a clean signal with some chorus and delay; all with just one tap of a button! I don't plug it into my computer or do any of the software stuff with it, I don't use midi either.

I just hook it up using the "4 cable method. But like I said earlier, you have to take your time with it to get the good tone you want out of it. It'll give back what you put into it. If you think you can just hook it up and go with whats already there you may find yourself wanting to get rid of it, keyword is MAY though, tone is purely subjective. This thing has plenty of tone so if you like experimenting you'll love this unit.

I love the headphone feature. I have a few patches saved using the amp cosm modeling, and it works perfect. When my newborn is sleeping I can plug in with my headphones and play without waking him or my wife up. It also came with a great carry bag, perfect for travel. Visiting the in-laws, all I need is my guitar, headphones, a cable, and this unit.

A perfect escape without worrying about making too much noise. Since I've gotten this unit, I've written 16 songs. It has inspired me to play more. I highly recomend you to try it out.

Remember take your time with it and it will be perfect. I couldn't be happier with this unit. I started with Boss stomp boxes you can run over those things with a Semi, seriously and about 15 years ago moved to the GT Recently moved to this GT and it is everything the GT-5 was and a bit better because it is just a bit more user friendly. So you get every Boss stomp box, extremely durable case, and very user friendly for the price of about 4 stomp boxes.

I use 2 Fender solid state amps just to boost the volume they work great as they are so clean they don't change your tone and create my sound with the GT and send a stereo signal to the 2 amps. It works so well. I constantly get comments about how people can't believe I get that sound from those amps, but it's not the amps, it's the Boss GT or the GT-5 as I had before , the amp is just a volume boost. If you're thinking about it, wondering if it is worth the price, go for it, it is just the best!

That capability matters more than anything else live. All the features are usable, good sounding and practical, and it's built like a tank. Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. I love the new Boss ME It is a stellar effects unit.

I have owned the Boss GT which I miss very much and other pedals and amp simulation effects units and amplifiers. I got amps from modeling amps and wanted a real tube amp and was starting a pedal collection. That gets expensive and time and space consuming real quick. I took a look at the ME and found out that it is not a modeling pedal at all. It is a multi effects pedal with some preamp modeling that you can bypass yeah!! So I picked it up and I am impressed. Pretty smart on Boss's part.

I didn't think I would like the preamp section, but find it can be useful. The Delay section is just as good as my Boss DD-7, in fact an almost exact replica except for the added Tera-Echo which is a pleasant delay.

The Tremolo and Vibrato are fantastic. The Overdrive section is pretty good too. But for all you get in this unit at the price of 2 to 3 stompboxes, it defiantly is worth its weight in gold. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great set of effects pedals, from basic needs to pretty out there. I find that the 80 is as good as the 70 and even more so with some new effects,the control pedal,easy uses in manual and user mod ,and the USB connection to the computer for Sound Central.

I do so many different shows for different artist that the 80 really does the job with being able to save the User patches to the set list on my computer and load them back to the 80 when I need them Great Tool. Now with the 80 and the 70 I'm in Guitar Pedal Heaven. If you're looking for great sounds without breaking the bank then the ME is the one, you won't have to buy another pedal for a long long time.

Everything the ME has to offer is right in front of you. First encounter may appear a bit daunting, but for those whose fingers are best friends and knobs and numbers are easily understood, this unit is for you.

There is a display window to indicate among other things which bank you are accessing, either preset P-1 through P-9 or user banks U-1 through U-9 and LED lights to indicate the four settings within each bank, but setup is straight dial in and play.

The eight floor switches are feet friendly and the unit is built solidly. From a clean Fender sound to heavy distortion the tone will be either what you make it or preset quality, which is good. I use the floor pedal set to wah or freeze on occasion, and I find the action familiar and responsive.

However, I have been able to adjust for crisp tones at fairly high decibels. Once connected to Roland? By this process, comes an understanding of what the ME can do and how you can make it all happen to get closer to your own preferred sounds. The learning curve may take a bit longer for some, shorter for others, but I found myself becoming oriented around the third day of the expedition.

In addition, the display on the computer goes a long way helping organize settings and understanding what goes into a setting to create a particular sound--having access to the details is perhaps the best feature aside from tone. I have used this unit for a month, and I feel comfortable sharing an honest opinion.

The Boss ME is a fun guitar processor with the creative capability to keep you going. The only other processor I would compare the ME to would be the 80s era Alesis Quadraverb GT because both allow the guitar player full control of settings and an education in how sounds are created more so the Alesis offers detailed parameters. However, the ME is a heck of a lot easier to navigate and in most settings better tone quality.

There are a couple decent demos on line--hit those up and see what you think. I've only had it for a day and I am overwhelmed with how amazing it is. Very easy to use which is a plus and sounds phenomenal! Definitely worth every penny!

A couple of them sound ok, but I prefer using the preamp section for distortion in front of a clean amp and using the overdrives for a gain boost like a dual footswitch overdrive pedal. I only have combinations that I find useable for gigs and I had to spend some time tweaking to find them but once I did I was very pleased. This is an awesome unit, especially if you like modulation and delay! See all my reviews.

I initially used this as a way to practice at home without an amp. It's not bad for that use but not great either. I ran this through the front of my amp and was disappointed that all of the modulation effects weren't as present as I wanted. After plugging this thing into the effects loop it was a different story though.

You can get some passable distortion and overdrive tones of you aren't planning to use the gain on the unit itself. Tremolo, chorus, and delays are much better after the signal change. Still have a few things to play around with and the nice thing is that the ME has a very easy setup.

I'm more of an analog guy so I was nervous about this purchase, but with any effect I've used it just takes a little time to figure out how to get the sound I wanted. Being able to make a lot of presets and switch between single effects and presets is a cool concept. I would trade the distortion section for a synth section any day of the week. I play mostly post hardcore but I like to tinker with things so this was a solid buy. I got more than my money's worth in delays alone.

I'm not too big on the amp modeling yet but I might be able to use it as an alternate EQ thing. Who couldn't spend a grand on their sound though and still would want more?

Really liked the modulation effects and delays. Absolutely could not live with the drives and distortions though. What made it worse was that the center point frequency they chose for the highs was about to 1K to low. This made the distortions a little crunchy and not quite as smooth as I would have liked. FR center point could not be adjusted out in the global settings menu on this model.

With the exception of the distortions, I liked the rest of the pedal's features. Bottom Line No, I would not recommend this to a friend. Great delays, modulations, and expression pedal fx. Reverb is pretty nice. Thin and obviously digital poor representations of the pedals they are supposed to sound like. Amp models sounded terrible through the front end of my amp.

I'm going to try to run it through the effects loop when I get my new Blackstar Club 40 in the mail next week. I should have got this years ago.

I can dial my acoustic in to be so clean a crisp. An added bonus is using the preamp and EQ to add punch and sustain to my bass. I will be adding the Boss MEB for the bass to make it a complete set. I upgraded from the ME because there are different modulations I use and tis gave me two pedals for mods. However, I found that there are so many new effects that I like, I will still be switching. Very happy that they brought the acoustic simulator back as well.

This board is so much better than dragging around multiple effects in a board. This has so many effects for the price it's amazing. It is easy to set up once you understand where everything is, but the first day, I got some pretty messed up sounds since there are so many options. It was worth a quick read through the manual.

I also like that it has a lot of the effects that I would never use enough to justify buying but are nice to have once in a while like Phasers and Pitch Shifters. The one I purchased the store had been opened. This Pedal-board is amazing it just has a few problems.

The overdrives are not very good and the volume always changes when you turn it off and then turn it back on. I have gigged with the Me80 for a few months now and really like it alot very easy to use the effects work really well and doesn't seem to color the tone of your amp. I play country and classic rock this thing does everything I need it to do and seems to work well with any amplifier. I would buy this again. The only thing that I don't like is the foot pedal is smaller than the ME Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer restrictions.

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It looks and plays like new and may be considered an equivalent to display units found in retail stores. Manufacturer's Warranty Boss pedals - 5 year parts warranty 90 day labor warranty.

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Can I use Decimator G-String to duck or side track my reverb and delay? The unit I tried had a serious cabinet rattle at certain frequencies. There are many bass guitar amplifiers that are between and watts so the STEALTH will work for a lower powered bass system without any problem.

boss amp hook up

One path feeds a detector circuit that converts the dynamics of the guitar signal into what we call a control voltage.

boss amp hook up

Keep in mind that EQ settings should hp based on what guitar, pickups boss amp hook up pedals you use with the amp and how you set the amp. Its maybe a little bit offtopic, but i just ask it here: Setting up pedals always depends on ugly bug ball dating uk pickups, amp, whether or not you stack pedals and obviously, what tones you want. Stepping in where the manufacturer's boss amp hook up wear and tear" coverage ends, our Pro Coverage program offers you upgraded coverage if your product ever fails Click To Read More About This Product. Closest Store Mississauga, Ontario. Recent Comments Dan said Hi Bjorn!