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cancer man dating a taurus woman

How to know if you're with your soulmate. Virgo your in da freaky circle to. I do want a stable relationship, but at the same time I have this free nature feeling like a wild horse. But the beginning was like a dream come true, we immediately fell in love with each other I would fall asleep with his sweater with his cologne on it everything seemed perfect. So much he's tattooed it on himself.

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A week ago he told me he liked me and he doesn't know what to do because he has very strong feelings for me and the truth is that I feel the same way for him. We reconnected a few months back, and I fell hard! Sort out those priorities, darlin'. I like to do the plans, but don't want to feel that I'm the only one who's making an effort here. I have always felt this connection between us from the very first moment we met, but I never wanted to think that I'm in love bec. However, he is very hesitant about relationships, due to the fact that he was hurt badly in the past. After a week, I told him that it wasn't a big deal because I was going out the next week for my best friend's birthday and could just get it then because we were going to see another show with both bands.

Because of the ease in which these two zodiac signs get along, the Taurus woman Cancer man friendship will grow and prosper on a daily basis. Her grounded nature will help to calm his emotional outbursts. She will keep him balanced. And his compassion makes him careful not to ignite her bullish temper when she is dating a Cancer man.

But if there is ever trouble in paradise, as there can be in life, the argument will be difficult to have. If things get too heated, the Taurus woman will bear down on him with her raging temper, and he will simply retreat into his shell. And her stubbornness will not let the issue die until she reaches a conclusion in this Cancer compatibility.

The Cancer man will have to learn to communicate with her, rather than try and ignore the situation. And she will have to back down a bit to avoid his desire to flee. Else a Taurus woman Cancer man break up is on the cards. But thankfully, once the dust clears, the two Taurus woman and Cancer man compatibility comes back to normal. These two lovebirds settle back into their comfortable routine and put all the tension behind them. The combination of emotional release for him and physical satisfaction for her makes this the perfect sexual union.

With this ideal picture of harmony, this Taurus woman Cancer man relationship will stand the test of time. If they overcome the initial hiccups, they have a long life together.

I am a Taurus woman and I absolutely love my Cancer man. At first it was not all that easy. While he was very open and ready to give our relationship his all I was not. I was scared to death. I felt a deep connection with him as soon as our eyes met. And started to fall in love with him immediately which is why I put my guard up. Held back on so much BC he had the ability to destroy me internally. I am very thankful that he loved me and had faith in us BC I almost completely shut him out.

On top of all that we were facing major financial problems and I had an ex from the past still holding on to me and making me feel guilty for leaving him. Anyway a couple weeks later when I had time to myself and thought about everything I knew it was time to either give him my all or walk away. My cancer man was worth the risk. We have the absolute best relationship now. We are engaged and planning to extend our family in September.

He is the best thing that has ever happened me and the love we have for each other can not be put into words. As far the sex…. When we make love both of us are out please one another.

Lots and lots of foreplay and absolute electrifying touching and loving all over. Feelings I have never ever felt before..

I am the luckiest and happiest girl that I actually found and have my soul mate. But always remember it takes patience communication and compromise for both the Taurus and the Cancer.

Once achieved you will have your soul mate that will love and cherish you for life!! Together thats an awesome team!!! So moody and unstable jealous they are. I am a cancer man…my Taurus wife is my sole mate.. I love her more than life its self.. I know if I dies… My beloved will find me..

I love her so much.. I meet my cancer man who I believe is my soulmate tonight on a dating site my heart was in pain do to my next door neighbor Mr. Scorpio betrayal and I forgave him but before I went to bed I looked at my views again and Mr. I met this cancer guy fours ago his twins were in my class and he had interest but I was scared to date him than.

Eversince he never gave up on us so now i have decided to given him a try….. That what made me fall for him.

I hope his my forever. We r engaged and living together. I never believed in soul mates, well I have found mine and the other piece of my heart. This is crazy sauce, I must have had one messed-up Cancer guy. It was SO horrible. He eventually broke up with me to be with some teenager that he had lusted over we were almost 30, hello? She says im secretive and sneaky cause I want privacy. I don't think its fair how much she asks of me and how little I get in return.

I wanna stick this out but im at my last string with the back and for. There's this Cancer guy in all my engineering classes, and the first time I really noticed him, I got the impression that he was a little creepy.

You see, he was sitting right beside me which he wasn't supposed to since he was supposed to sit with his group and we were watching a movie in class. The lights were off, and out of the corner of my eye, I could see him staring straight at me. I pretended not to notice, since I was sooooo nervous. Later in the semester, there was a talent show that a friend and I had performed at, and he came with a friend of mine so we discovered that we had mutual friends outside engineering.

That whole night, he was telling all my friends that I was beautiful, etc, which I found surprising but also flattering. I think he's kinda cute: Anyway, later, I found out that my friends had left something out - he had a gf.

After that, I refused to notice his stares and I barely entertained his random messages. He's very shy only to me and I am also shy, so I find this quite frustrating. He's a really nice guy who obviously needs someone to love, but I don't know if I can deal with his past I don't think he's over his gf, who is now his ex.

He makes it so hard for me to read him - I just want to know if his feelings for me are genuine, or he's just trying to find someone to fill in the gap where his girlfriend used to be: I don't want to play games.

I just want to say here You have got to be patient with the Cancer mean. I am a Taurus. I mean so in love I couldn't believe it. Everyday felt as the first.

When I first saw him I just went blank We met up and dated talking for a who year before we made it official. It does take some serious time. And I say serious meaning that was not all.. We were together all together for a year and a half, I found out he cheated on me.

It was the most shocking thing I forgot how bad I was hurting. I loved this man. And he was very silent, but patient with things. Loves feeling secure, home, family, loves to be loved trust me etc. Because we spilt for 3 years. I dated someone else. We had a child and I left that man. I've been single for the longest time. My son is now 2, and the Cancer man left home when I found out he cheated with the girl he cheated with.

And came back home on his own month s ago. But we didn't speak up until almost 2 months ago if that. Of coarse, we've argued since then. Anger toward him but I loved him so it was like it never happened. Like I knew it did but the pain was gone, because he was back in my life regardless. Once I completely blew up on him he went under this "shell" for a little bit.

We'd talk, argue, talk, argue. Hell, even texted me and cussed me out for talking to another guy. Once many more guys spoke of me he shut his mouth!

He knew I wasn't the same girl and started straightening up. We have been on talking terms for more than 2 weeks now since his birthday my reason to talk to him and we've done great. Because now it's all in the opened and if he's speaking, then hey, it's something.

They are what seems "closed to the world" but you really and I mean REALLY have to pay attention to their acts, attention because if they're giving it then it really means something, way they speak. MAYBE isn't yes nor no, which is very important in this case. It's very complicated but worthy. He's still my world. I have no interest in any other man. The others that I "did" like after him was because I ran from his memory. Just be calm and listen to them, pay attention, and love them so much because in the end no matter what they will know where they belong.

They'll find they're way. I have no patience for moody, insecure grown man that constantly has to be told how much I love him.

I like romance as much as the next woman but damn! Cancer men are too much of dreamers, infantile behavior, unfaithful and too jealous for my taste. For this taurean woman, the perfect match is a hard working, take charge, romantic but head on shoulder and sexually adventurous, sensual and faithful Capricorn man.

I don't care what astrology has to say, Cancer men are not the perfect match for me. We may make nice friend and that's all there can be, I don't see myself spending the rest of my life with one at all. I would rather eat dirt and die. We have a child together but before we had baby, people envied us and our dynamics That was almost 4yrs ago and my girlfriend is find now but things just haven't been the same since.

About a year ago I reconnected with this Taurus women friend that I used to date yrs ago and it was great. I felt this oneness with her that I never felt with my GF.

The funny thing is she's married to an Aquarius man with a kid of her own but we just can't get enough of each other and we agree that we both are not satisfied at home sexually, emotionally, even spiritually. I already asked her if she thought about us having sex and her reply was name the time and place cause she also remembered how good I was back when we used to date and this is coming from a woman that has never cheated on her husband I think I have noticed a pattern to help Taurus ladies out with their Cancer men!

Cancer men are extremely shy if they haven't been around the block a few times! Like me with this Taurus girl I lacked some confidence back then but once I warmed up Cancer men love security in their woman or potential woman Oh yeah, forgot to mention one important thing Believe it or not ladies, most Cancer men get turned on by you women being turned on by us and you let us know that.

Obviously, no 2 Cancer men are gonna be the same! As I've read, some Cancers are great at everything and some are not. I just hope you Taurus women don't put all Cancerian men under one bold-faced title! I'm the type of Cancer male that will give you the world Whether it be great sex, passion, conversation, or even just plain ol laughter; I truly believe most Cancer males are looking to give and shelter those who are worthy. And please, that whole thing about we hide in our shell But make no mistake, we do write people off I think I just got a bad apple cause I have dated other Cancer men and the chemistry is just amazing.

Taurus female here who's never been big into astrology He identifies with his Cancer sign strongly. So much he's tattooed it on himself.

Out of curiosity, affection and attraction towards him I started reading about our sign compatability. I think because it's the most intimate I can get without getting myself in trouble.

He makes me feel so balanced that I want his presence around me all the time. I keep telling myself I'm just infatuated and try with sheer determination to get him out of my mind, but I can't.

I want him to be near me all the time. He makes me feel whole. We've never even touched! So much that I worry about how he's feeling I can't get him out of my mind. It aches and hurts. I don't even try to contemplate how he feels about me. I just want to get him out of my head I am A Taurus Woman, 18 years old, still kind of young.

I'm in a relationship with a Cancer man, but it's long distance. He used to live in New York but then he moved away to North Carolina and it wasn't until my senior year when I realized that I wanted to be with him. But we had a bad past because we dated each other's best friends. We began dating anyway, and he was a sweetheart.

He's a bit hard to talk to, not exactly the communicative type, you have to get things out of him. He's also very jealous, like I can't talk to anyone while he's on the phone. After he left, things just got worse.

We argued more, we broke up and got together numerous times. Now we are both in college, and things seem terrible. I'm a resident, he's a commuter, still in NC. The time we have for each other, particularly what I have for him, isn't a lot anymore. I w anna be with him forever, I wanna marry him, but I can't deal with the constant fights,and I don't wanna make a choice i'll regret. Someone just help me. I am a Taurus woman dating a Cancer man and he is so gentle, sweet, kind and loving but the only issue about him is that he rarely says what is on his mind and that is really scary because sometimes I feel I have to force emotions or words out of his mouth and he rarely expresses his emotions I am a Cancer man and have a lot of feelings for this woman.

I'm surprized how well astrology description fit our relationship and our own personalities. My husband is ultimatly one of the sweetest people in the world if not the universe. He's funny and he's a huge cuddle-bug. He does have his rare temperments but they go away fairly quickly. I'm always there for him when he just has a bad day or even if he's just uneasy emotionally or even physically.

However, I tend to worry I "baby" him too much because he's always content to care to my everyday needs. The one corner of our relationship that might need a little work would be sex. We get very tired at the end of the day more of my fault and it's hard for me to get in the mood sometimes, It makes me feel a little shamed because my husband can be a little perverted at times but it is wonderful!

All taurian woman are lucky to have a cancerian man as their partner! Don't you dare take him for granted or leave him, or you'll regret it! Married one, and divorced after 13 years. I still find myself attracted to Taurus woman. Jeezus, there are so many stories about to Taurus's and Cancer's.

Obviously there seems to be an undeniable attraction between these two signs. I'm not a huge believer in astrology or whatever, but it's interesting to see how this dynamc works. Cancer's are a little selective with who they talk to but they are more than sweet when they want to be. And i'm guessing me as Taurus girl is pretty direct. I'm not sure how it all works out. But two of my past boyfriends were Cancers, respectively.

To the lady with the Cancer co-worker. You have described exactly the same situation I've been going through for several months. Cancer man fallen for a Taurus co-worker. She attracts me a lot just looking at her beautiful eyes and great smile. I really try very hard not to look at her eyes as she seems to penetrate deep inside me. I try very hard to get her out of my head but it's not working. I try to avoid talking to her every day but that is difficult working together. We talk a lot about work and sometimes socially, but we are both conscious that we are at work.

I love to listen to her when sometimes she talks a little about her social life, but I feel that she doesn't want to tell me a lot. I guess both of us are good to keep our feelings hidden, may be because we both respect our professional relationship too much. Yes I feel exactly the same as you do that I can't get her out of my mind. I don't know at all if she has any feelings for me, not even a clue.

I wish I knew. What clue or sign could I look for, either way, whether she likes me or not. May be if I find out that she doesn't have any feelings for me, will help me to get her out of my mind. Accidentally I touched her hand and felt so good even though it was for just a few seconds. I'd love to touch her hand. I stopped myself so many times from actually touching her hand. Should I tell her how I feel about her and risk our professional relationship. That would also be hard.

I've been with a Cancer man for 5 months now and he's moody, funny, and caring. Always makes sure I finish before he does. I am going to speak the Taurus blunt language: You are using this man, and you will destroy him if you don't stop. This guy is not trying to be "Friends with benefits" with you.

He's courting you, feeding you, introducing you to his family, and probably spending a sizable chunk of every day thinking about you. He is building emotional bridges for you. And all you want is sex and If you don't want this to explode, cut it now.

This -will- come apart. Sooner or later you are going to be faced with taking steps forward, and you will not be able to take them. You're a Taurus woman; direct, simple honesty should not be difficult for you. If you put an honest stop to the furtherance of the relationship, you bet your crab will pull into his shell for a time. But you will be saving your relationship with him. He will eventually come out, he will still be smitten with you, but he will know not to pursue further.

If you make up your mind, he'll still be there and he'll still probably want you. DON'T come clean, and he will never forget the transgression when this boils over. He will remember you as someone who used him, misled him, and spat on his emotional efforts - whether it's true or not. Is that how you want this to end up? What happens to your "benefits" then? For God's sake, don't cause one more crab to withdraw from the world.

I may have to pinch you myself if he can't bring himself to do it. I am the Taurus with many Gemini in her charts that you responded to. Thank you for that blunt, yet 'eye-opening' response. I really appreciated it. Unfortunately, it's too late. My FWB went right out the window. He sensed that I was using him. He declined my sexual invitation. I deserved to be kicked to the curb. I don't think he will ever forgive me. I tried to reach out to him several times to make amends. I don't want to ruin him for someone else.

He said he was currently in a relationship but for some reason, I don't believe him. My instinct tells me that he's still feel slighted by me.

But I don't want him to carry this negative baggage in any of his relationships. I heard Cancers carry grudges and never forget a wrongdoing for a long time. How would I proceed in making amends? Since he's not returning my phone calls and emails. I'm a Taurus female and I've always wanted to find a Cancer since the description fits everything I want in a man but I've always ended up with Aries men or Saggitarius men.

I think it's because I'm shy and those two signs draw me out, but it never works out. The worst relationship I was in was with an Aries man, he was so charming, sweet and loving in the beginning and turned into a controlling, vindictive hateful demon.

That was 2 years ago and I'm still trying to recover. I feel like damaged goods now after the emotional trauma he put me through. I don't think I can ever trust a man romantically ever again.

I think deep down Cancer guy is just a sweetheart but somehow I never end up attracting this kind of guy. Or if I do, I don't notice him because if he's not overtly flirting with me, I assume he's not interested. Another frustrating thing is that I'm 28 and all the good guys are taken. My last relationship was with a Sagg and I thought it was perfect but he en ded up cheating me, he was just so god-damned FAKE. Is this a Sagg male trait? I think Cancer men are sincere, and the aloofness is worth dealing with if it comes with a genuine person.

Don't take him for granted!! Specifically, after he realized I am now twice as strong as him, and had a mind to throw him across the room if he didn't comply. No, we do not forget. Not if it betrays our deeper trust. We give that to precious few outside family, no matter how socially open or closed we turn out.

But then, forgetting isn't the same as forgiving. This is an area where circumstance reigns, and each Cancer is different. People make mistakes, myself included. If we're talking infidelity though I consider that the ultimate betrayal. An inexcusable affront to the soul, and the end of a relationship. Got carried away there, didn't I? Having said all that, we're not dealing with a case of cheating.

This is just an emotional sting, the inevitable post-combustion drama. The fact that you're thinking about his future relationships tells me a lot about you, hun. I can see why he liked you to begin with.

I do apologise if I'm being accusative, especially after the previous message - sometimes a kick in the pants is just needed, y'know? I don't know either of you, I'm not part of the situation, and I have no knowledge of his history I can't predict what he'll do. There's nothing that says he won't forgive you in full. Nothing that says he will, either. It's up to him, and time. As for your own efforts I'd recommend backing off.

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cancer man dating a taurus woman

You're not a bad egg, luv. He will remember you as someone who used him, misled him, and spat on his emotional efforts - whether it's true or not. I crave for long lasting relation

cancer man dating a taurus woman

However, we still live in two different places and I know that's a big thing for him.

cancer man dating a taurus woman

His girlfriend wasn't there. He will separated dating online you as someone who used him, misled him, and spat on his emotional efforts - whether it's true or not. I think about him constantly though lord knows I have tried not to. Zodiac Compatibility Calculator Pro. I've been qoman a Cancer man for 5 months now and he's moody, funny, and caring. May be if I find out that she doesn't have any feelings for taurua, will help me to get her out of my mind.