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Wm Rogers Silverplate

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We have a Rogers Smith Co Hartford Connecticut footed turning cruet set with 6 crystal cut bottles with tops, all parts in excellent condition. HI Angela, Your comment just makes us smile! Unless it is very thin it is unlikely to be coin. You can refer to this blog post for more info: Does this mean anything? Your item was made by a silver plate company but is not plated it is a unique alloy created by the company and was sold as a lower grade item that skipped the plating process. My name is Jim.

Wm Rogers Silverplate

Cannot find marks anywhere. This is most likely plate. Later the trademark was used by International Silver Company. The president was Geo. Before that many of these marks were owned by a variety of companies and were bought and sold through a variety of business cycles. The name on the inside of this piece is WM. I read your posting and still can't figure out it is silver or plate.

Please refer to pictures for condition. Wm Rogers Silver Plate Flatware from early 's. Estate item in good used condition with normal wear. The pattern name is "Orange Blossom". Each piece has some pitting on it due to age. This is a never used 12 place setting still in plastic wrap In original box see photos for best description.

Ships to us only. Vintage Wm Rogers Mfg. As you can see in the photos this silverware is in very good used condition. The silverware is as follows The pattern name is "Kensington". One spoon has a shiny spot in the bowl but it is not a pit mark. Silverplate individual butter spreader in the Beloved pattern made by Wm. Rogers International Silver I am very easy to work with. I am downsizing as my 92 year old mother moved in and we have I do combine shipping.

Shipping is based on location and weight. No plate loss noted, normal use scratches. Have 4 serving pieces. No case — just loose pieces.

How can I find value? This company was a silver plate company and known for and specialize in silver plated tableware. That being said, what you have is most likely plated silver and not sterling.

So the value would not be in the silver content but instead as the silverware as a set. Thanks for the question! Arch Enterprises is NOT an antique dealer, researcher or retail seller of silver. We only take into account the weight of your items and the amount of silver available for recovery. Thanks for your question, you would be better off working with an antique dealer or reseller of silverware.

The note in the box says Daybreak. I would like some information on this set. I have some rogers bros silver ware but it doesnt have the IS on it, just a monogramed A is this a different company?

Is this worth anything? I have a teapot Marked Rogers silver and the number 24 Would this be sterling or plated? Since we are not antique dealers or experts in serving wear, we cannot say for certain if your items are sterling or not. Besides doing a few at home tests, you would really need your items looked at by a professional to know.

Some local jewelers can do this for you. Or even reseller shops may have the materials needed to find out. If you have a LARGE lot of items you could contact us to see if we could do an assay on your items by sending in just one or two pieces.

I have a 42 piece set,in the box, with IS next to the name. I also have a 3 piece carving set with what looks like deer horn handles. Can you tell me the value? Hi Clestine — Unfortunately without some more information we cannot give you an estimate on your items. For your 42 piece set, we would need to verify that what you have is sterling or not. For the carving set, because the handles are not made of precious metal we would not be able to provide a return on the deer horn handles that you describe.

In our experience, most of the blades on these sets are made of a different, harder metal such as stainless steel. Please contact us if you find that your pieces are in fact sterling: Please fill out our Request Estimate form here http: HI EA — We are not an antiques dealer nor do we specialize in sterling silver pieces. If you had a whole set of flatware and serving pieces, it may be worth sending in so that we can run a test on one piece.

However, with just the one piece it probably would not be worth it. We would recommend consulting an antique dealer or someone that has a specialty in sterling silver. I have some pieces I would like to identify.

Unfortunately since we do not specialize in the hallmarks of silverware, it is hard for us to say what you have is sterling or not just by the descriptions you gave. We would recommend taking your pieces to a local antique dealer that may specialize in silverware. Then contact us with the weights of the pieces that you know are sterling. Thank you for your comment. You have the patience of a saint to keep politely replying to these same people seeking antique appraisals when the previous answers make it clear that being in sleeves or a box or years old or a 2 year old broken piece is irrelevant to your purposes On behalf of the dim witted public I apologize and have no questions.

I have a single piece of the Roger bros. I found it when I was arrow head hunting. Its s memorial piece to me cause its the day I meet my fiance. So someone text me at An ill send you a picture of the piece I have… Thank you for your time.. Even if your piece is sterling, we typically do not take one piece to refine, as it is not worth the cost for us. If you do want to send us an image, you can upload one on our contact form here http: Please also include the weight.

But I would hold on to it as well! I have a set for 12 of roger bros,heritage,international silver in case I understand is not the real date,but what is the date for this set ive seen and whats right?

Sorry but we are not specialists in the makers or manufacturers of silverware and have no idea what year your silver was made. Does it have a date on the case? IS, [first love] is on the back of each piece. Without knowing forsure if what you have is sterling or not, we cannot give an estimate.

If you find that your pieces are in fact sterling, then weigh them and send us a Request Estimate form. The markings are Rogers Bros. I imagine it I plated but I want to be sure because I will pass this on to my granddaughter when she has children. Can you confirm for me whether or not it is silver-plated? I would start with Ebay and go from there. There are lots of online sellers with their own stores and with Ebay stores and listings.

I have a few pieces of rogers bros IS Heritage silverware in excellent condition. I work for an auctioneer who mainly does estate auctions. I would appreciate your help in finding what if anything they worth,and where I could sell them.

So for the first time I want my wife to be right. These are tough ones for use since we are not experts in silverware. Even if they are silverplate however they can fetch a price on Ebay or reseller sites like this one http: It really depends on the weight of your piece and if you know for sure if you have sterling. Also, if lid or handle on your piece is something other than sterling, you would need to try and find only the weight of the sterling to get an accurate estimate.

Once you have the weight you can fill out our RFQ form here: It has scrolling along the handle and the bowl of the spoon has a somewhat shell shape with some patterning along the base of the bowl. It has been in the family a very long time and I do not have any other pieces.

Thank you for any information you might have about it. We are not experts but if you do not see any markings that indicate sterling such as a , S, or SS — then there are good chances that you do not have a sterling piece.

However we cannot be sure unless we test at our labs. If you had many pieces it may be worth sending in one or two to test, however with just the one you may want to try somewhere locally first.

Best wishes — Arch. I am with the commenter, Angela, you do an excellent job of individually answering questions, often asked multiple times, with small variations from the public. I am so impressed with the care you take in replying to each person, when clearly the answers they seek are right in front of them, if they took 5 minutes. You obviously run your business with tremendous care and focus on people.

I really am impressed with your patience and time devoted. There is however XS Triple. What can you tell me about this set? Hi Christin, Thank you for your comment. While this does make the piece heavier, it still uses an electroplating technique and uses a very small amount of silver for the plating even though it was done 3 times.

So we unfortunately would not be able to offer a return for the silver in your pieces. You think that it would be easier to tell, but it can actually be difficult without the proper training, tools and testing equipment to know for sure. Here is some info about a magnet test that we recommend as a first step http: We do take pieces to test if you have a large lot, however would need notice through our contact form or over the phone.

I know this is Dec 1, but I am looking for someone that can help me with this spoon: It might be a small ladel. My grandma had it, then my dad and now me. I seems to me that is must be worth something and more than I see on here.

It doesent have the same markings. Just seem to be from something different than what I see on all the websites. Wonder if I can send you a pic of it? It does say ! If you think it might be worth wild to check it out please email me. Depending on how much your piece weighs even if it is sterling, it probably would not fetch you a great price just for its silver value on its own from someone like Arch as a precious metal refiner.

If you would like there is an image upload feature on our contact form here http: I have a complete Eternally Yours Rogers bros IS Silver Tea and Coffee Service Set with tray — includes large silver serving tray, tall spouted pot assume for coffee and shorter spouted spot assume for tea , a creamer, sugar, and one other piece that may be also sugar but missing lid.

What is this worth? How do I get this appraised and possibly sell it? My understanding is it is mid to late s antique as explained to me when given as a wedding present. Thank you for you question. Do you know if your set is sterling silver or not? As mentioned in the post, that is the most important question probably when reselling. Here is the market value of your pieces for their silver value:. If you pieces are NOT sterling, then you would need to sell them as silver plated pieces which can still be valuable to a reseller, but not for their silver value.

Here is a link to our silver calculator http: I have a stearling silver dinnerware in a woodbox Rogers Bros in very good condition is it worth anything. Your set is definitely worth something. If all your pieces are sterling we are looking for the weight of just the sterling silver. Sometimes there are knives with weights or steel rods in them that would throw off the weight of sterling silver that we are after.

On another note, if your set is complete, it may fetch more value as a complete sterling silver set on places like eBay. As precious metal refiners we would only pay on the silver content and not take into account the completeness, rarity, or condition of the set.

If you would like you can weigh your pieces and fill out our contact form here http: Thanks for your question. Generally, this implies a slightly thicker layer of silver plate, which can improve the life of the silver plated item, since silver plate does wear off over time. At Arch Enterprises, we can only refine silver plated items if you have more than 50 lbs worth, simply because there is so little silver per individual silver plated item.

Mail will not be shared required. Leave this field empty. Your email is used for verification purposes only, it will never be shared. Arch is a national precious metal refiner and receives shipments from the contiguous United States at our facility in Mexico, Missouri.

We do not work with international shipments on a regular basis. Arch is headquartered and operates its refining facility in Mexico, Missouri. We also offer onsite pick up for large volumes of X-Ray film in the following states:. Comment by tim curtis on July 9, at 3: Comment by gboleen on December 8, at 2: How do I know if my set is sterling?

Comment by Karl vanderwyk on January 20, at 2: Comment by carolyngorman on March 14, at 6: Comment by admin on March 14, at 3: Comment by Brenda Soto on April 12, at 7: How much is my gold plated Rogers Bros Korea 49 pcs set worth?

Comment by Conya Cage on May 11, at 6: Comment by Linda on May 26, at 4: Comment by Rob on September 10, at 9: Comment by Cameron on October 1, at 8: Comment by June McCormick on October 1, at 8: Comment by Jennifer Brown on November 13, at 9: Comment by Linda Robertson on January 5, at Your Teapot is Electroplated.

Keep it and enjoy. Value is minimal at this time. Comment by Charles Kent on February 8, at Comment by Daylene on March 3, at 1: Here are a few posts that may help: Comment by admin on March 4, at Comment by Robert on April 17, at 3:

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dating rogers silverware

Urban Archeaology, Sorry it took me so long to respond. Arch is headquartered and operates its refining facility in Mexico, Missouri. I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide!

dating rogers silverware

Dear Penny, Orly and Kristi — Since we are not antique dealers or experts in serving wear, we cannot say for certain if your items are sterling or not. I enjoy researching thesE items and have found your information helpful.

dating rogers silverware

I need to file dating rogers silverware police report of the value. This dating rogers silverware a page of 'The What is? Comment by gboleen on December 8, at 2: Sorry but we are not specialists in the makers or manufacturers of silverware and have no idea what year your silver was made. Hi patsy and tim, Besides doing a few at home tests, you would really great quotes for online dating profile your items looked at by a professional to know. The firm was bought by International Silver Co in and the trademarks were retired they were considered an 'imitation' of the original Rogers Brothers production. Comment by admin on March 14, at 3: