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Sometimes watching is more effective than reading. Ancient China from the British Museum. Of all the 5 signs, my guy gives me only the 5th one. DIG the online archaeology magazine for kids! Stop being lazy and get to work! Treasure-hunters were the first to dig there, but they somehow missed the chariot they were after a Thracian chariot on the international black market is very expensive.

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Spanish Armada ship found off Irish coast with photos and a map of the Armada's unchosen course up the North Sea, west around Scotland, and down past Ireland as they limped home to Spain. Mayan Civilization for Kids Ancient Mayan civilization and culture for kids. Players must plan, prepare, and execute a raid on the monastery at Lindesfarne. Vikings is one of the new BBC "ancient" sites for kids, and it's quite good. Tons of great and well organized links!

Click HERE to tour the cave at the updated Virtual Visit , which lets you explore the cave section by section, with closeup Flash pix of the paintings click the orange letters "en savoir" to do this and detailed explanations. You may also want to click on the white labels that periodically appear. Eerie music accents this amazing experience. Everyone ought to visit this site at least once. Also see the Chauvet Cave page which is also in this section. Some archaeologists think new research proves that women did most or all of the early cave paintings.

Map of Europe's Tribes. Some migration was involved during this time, and some tribal divisions too, so there may be a few instances in which names are repeated. German tribes are in orange, Celtic tribes are in blue, Irish and Picts in green. Tribes who don't fit in those categories have no color and no links. It may take some time to load over slower connections. Good little site from the TV show.

Excellent interactive map of Mayan cities. Maya Adventure from the Minnesota Science Museum. Well laid out site with information about culture and history on every known Mayan city! With photo section and project-based learning activities. Mayan Civilization for Kids Ancient Mayan civilization and culture for kids.

Comprehensive and easy to use. Mayan Numbers "Mayan Number Symbols. Great for Gifted kids learning why we use base 10 and other cultures have used different bases. The Maya number system was a base twenty system. This site has a lot of maps and a LOT of photos of the site. It's ancient, eerie, and the vistas are simply stunning.

From the University of Wisconsin. Bighorn Medicine Wheel is a one-page, very informative site, also with plenty of photos. Medieval Map "This website illustrates the historical changes that occurred in the Medieval Era - with an interactive map. Move back and forth through time in 10 to 50 year intervals. Click on one button to show cities, another to show decisive battles.

For battles, there is a brief synopsis in a popup window, with the option to go to Wikipedia. Clicking on a city icon sends you directly to Wikipedia. The map shows all the contemporary peoples and states for the period you choose. Clicking on any label example: One section - the "W", sends you to Wikipedia.

Clicking the folder" icon opens up a book or article, if there is one in this case an e-book called "The Balts", by Marija Gimbutas. Clicking on the "film" icon will open a video, if there is one. The site is constantly being improved. It's quite a trip through time for middle school and older. Visual learners may finally grasp the idea of huge groups of peoples moving across Europe.

See empires and kingdoms rise and disappear. Wonder at their names: It's easier for kids to understand. The original University of Nottingham article is here. It includes a great video featuring microbiologist Dr Freya Harrison and her team, and Dr. Christina Lee, the expert translator of the recipe.

It requires the use of a brass vessel for brewing, a particular straining technique to purify it, and the mixture must be left for nine days before use. They found out this eye salve from the s kills MRSA! We wonder what other cures might be hiding in these ancient books? Mesopotamia from the British Museum.

Explore the Land Between the Rivers and its ancient civilizations. Check out Assyria, Babylonia, and Sumer! Learn about ziggurats, Gilgamesh , gods and goddesses, cuneiform, astronomers, palaces. Lesson plans and activities, like it says, for just about everyone from Aztecs to Vikings. One of the few sites that covers ancient India and Japan.

Has geography lessons at the 3rd-5th grade level. Also free clip art. LOTS of social studies lesson plans, up through high school. This is a great site and a lot of work went into it. Excellent self-contained teaching unit ready to go! Amazing art, artifacts, in-depth discussion of various moundbuilding Native American cultures over 11, years, from prehistoric times to the s. Lots and lots of art!

Moundville Archaeological Park site from the University of Alabama. About years ago, this was the largest city in America.

Lots of information and pictures. This ed game was so popular with our 4th and 5th graders that we gave it its own link! Can you make a mummy? As an assistant to the Chief Embalmer, you must prepare a body! Accurate, and kids love the eeeew! The talon necklace is now thought to be the earliest known symbolic Neanderthal artifact. Newgrange is a 5, year old or older passage barrow mound in Ireland.

It was also an observatory that tracked the winter solstice. Many great photos and information. See photos of the sun hitting the interior during the winter solstice here. A granite basin located within the great Neolithic tomb at Knowth, Co. Covered in megalithic art, it held cremated human bones. This is not your normal map! By simulating movement along the principal routes of the Roman road network, the main navigable rivers, and hundreds of sea routes in the Mediterranean, Black Sea and coastal Atlantic, this interactive model reconstructs the duration and financial cost of travel in antiquity.

Travel the rivers, roads, and seas of the Empire! Find out how long it took and how much it cost. Lots of ways to get from point A to point X, depends on who you are and how much money and time you have. There's a menu bar along the top. Click the Adobe Acrobat Reader symbol at the the top right corner of the page to get the tutorial, lesson ideas, and explanations in.

Clever teachers could adapt this for any level from upper elementary up to college-level. Different in purpose from the excellent Digital Map of the Roman Empire , but both are quite detailed.

All the placenames are in Old Norse. The map also comes in modern English, as a guide. Oldest Human Skeleton in the Americas. A teenage girl left her remains in Yucutan 13, years ago. How did her people get to the Gulf coast of Mexico?

Did they walk from Siberia? Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago is an amazing site offering virtual tours of the Institute's world famous collection of ancient Middle Eastern artifacts! Takes a little practice to use but worth the effort! Many intriguing subjects on the Phoenicians and the ancient Mediterranean are explored here, in these sections:.

The last two are probably of the most interest to teachers and kids. What Knights Templar is doing in there is anybody's guess. Prehistoric European Cave Artists Were Female Short article with links demonstrates that most of those hand prints are from women and girls.

Uniter of ancient China, founder of the harsh and short-lived Qin Dynasty! He was the Emperor in the movie "Hero. Do you dare enter his tomb? Check out his famous terra-cotta army! Wrath of God, or Man? The Discovery Channel site.

Tour Rameses' realm, play the games. Do you have what it takes to be a Pharaoh like Rameses II? And who really won the Battle of Kadesh, anyway? Roman Gladiator School found in Austria — three links:. The discovery of the school of gladiators at Carnuntum, Austria - Antiquity Journal.

This is the 3: The discovery of the school of gladiators at Carnuntum, Austria - supplementary material pdf file includes three color pictures of the school, starting on page 2. NatGeo analyzes the lives of those valued slaves, the gladiators.

The ring dates from - AD. It is made of an alloy of silver and mercury. It's in pretty good shape to be so old. Photo Copyright David Xavier Kenney.

There are many more rings and other Roman artifacts to see at his main site. They comprise a legionary fortress Inchtuthil , an early third century campaign base Carpow , auxiliary forts of different types Ardoch, Cramond, Fendoch, and Newstead , and two frontier systems the Gask Frontier and the Antonine Wall.

There are also pictures of the rooms in the villa. The colorful parts, diagrams, and instructions are in the PDF! You build the villas using card stock. What a school project! They also have downloads of a Norman castle, pyramids; Fireship - a board game about the Spanish Armada, and more! This would be quite useful for students from elementary through college level who needed to learn a lot about the Roman world in one place.

Covers pretty much all aspects of Roman history and civilization, with videos! Weighed somewhat towards Romans in Britain naturally , but very useful wherever you are! Allan, for the email! It includes a page on Hadrian's Wall. It's a fine interactive site for learning about Romans, the Roman Empire, the ancient peoples of Scotland, and how they all interacted.

Gotta love Maeve and the guid Scots tongue. You could even start learning Gaelic here! This site tells the little-known history of Rome's attempt to conquer and occupy Scotland, from around 80 to AD. For more information, go to Roman Sites in Scotland. Play the Cabinet of Curiosities Game, too. Carlton's Rome Unit This is a high quality unit on Roman civilization, made by a 7th grade teacher in California.

Part of his social studies site he also has other units , this is easy to understand and broad-ranging. It would definitely benefit any student and is full of good ideas for teachers, too.

Rome Reborn virtual ancient Rome site. Choose still images or Flash movies. Various academic institutions worked on this site, which is hosted by the University of Virginia. Rome's Imperial Port "The vast site of Portus holds the key to understanding how Rome evolved from a mighty city to an empire. This place was HUGE! It is the ancestor of our giant, modern, automated ports.

The actual ship basin is still there! Kudos to Archaeology Magazine. This video covers things not often discussed in these short videos, such as water, plumbing, radiant heating, baths, the various entrances, dining, and bedrooms.

Good explanations and a few surprises. There's a much longer description on the site. You can access the video there or here. Sample Plan of a Roman House Easy to use interactive graphic that explores the layout of a wealthy Roman house. Rooms are listed by function; or just click on the letters in the diagram. Each letter links to a page of photos and descriptions.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World with virtual tours. See the seven wonders "up close and personal. This site has various ads but the site content is academic. Examine the evidence and play the activities!

Make bead necklaces, decorate pots, find food and fuel, arrange things in the home, and plan a stone circle! Great educational site about Neolithic people living at the edge of Europe about 5, years ago. One of the cannons recovered from the Spanish wreck.

Spanish Armada ship found off Irish coast with photos and a map of the Armada's unchosen course up the North Sea, west around Scotland, and down past Ireland as they limped home to Spain. If the Armada had been successful, Spain would have conquered Britain.

Fierce warriors of the ancient world "In ancient Greece, violent internal conflict between border neighbors and war with foreign invaders was a way of life, and Greeks were considered premier warriors. Sparta, specifically, had an army of the most feared warriors in the ancient world.

What were they doing to produce such fierce soldiers? Craig Zimmer shares some of the lessons that might have been taught at a Spartan school. Many thousands of artifacts, sculptures, paintings, castles, churches, temples, dishes, jars, ancient helmets, Minoan buildings, Pompeii, etc etc etc. Rooms with paintings in them have the best acoustics in the caves! Stone Pages rhymes with "stone ages? This is Weyland's Smithy in England.

Named by the Anglo-Saxon peoples. It's actually a Neolithic "passage tomb" from thousands of years earlier. The earth that once covered it was removed at some point in time. Stonehenge Panora 3-D panorama in Shockwave, taken from the center of Stonehenge. Scroll around and see what it looks like! Read about the hidden archaeology of Stonehenge , the discovery of a huge complex of ancient sites under the area.

It turns out Stonehenge was just one part of this huge temple! Short and sweet, this site has a great photo of the "sun dagger" formed by a slice of sunlight hitting a spiral design on a hidden rock. This only happens during the summer solstice. Winter solstice and the vernal and autumnal equinoxes have their own sun daggers. The spiral carving looks an awful lot like the one at Newgrange in Ireland see above , which is kind of spooky. Another site has more photos and is more technical.

Here is a Flash graphic from Exploratorium demonstrating how the Sun Dagger worked. The Alderney Crystal was originally transparent, but the sea water had turned it a milky white. From the University of Memphis the one in Tennessee. Wikipedia" Kids will like the temple tour the best. Thermae Maiores Legions of Roman soldiers bathed in this ancient spa complex under a Budapest transit station.

This 15,square-meters ,square-feet bath serviced the Romans garrisoned here. Several good photos in this one-page article. Includes directions and hours. The tour is free. TimeMaps specialise in map-based history timelines. Inside you will find over 1, maps, well-written historical overviews, depth-articles, images and much more.

Maps and timelines timemaps of every civilization, nation and empire. See the geographical context, chronology, connections and big pictures of history. A short video shows some examples. The Atlas shows relationships between peoples and civilizations using graphics and text. It's full of information. Are the apps worth it!

In a word, yes! Our historian was nearly drooling. They also have available various teaching resources and materials. This site is everything it claims to be! Go see it for yourself! Kids can dive down to the wreck in a virtual sub with a virtual ROV they can operate. Like Dendrochronology , this is a fine lesson on tree ring dating. This is the huge stylized running white horse carved into a chalk hill in southern England 3, years ago.

Local residents have maintained it for as long. Perhaps a Celtic religious site, sacred to the goddess Epona, who watches over horses. Includes shots of archaeologists restoring the site. Scroll down to see the photos. Vesuvius - Pliny the Younger's letter to the historian Tacitus about the eruption and the death of his uncle, Pliny the Elder; and a second letter about his own escape and what it looked like and felt like to be in the volcanic cloud.

Pliny the Elder was a senior naval officer who led a squadron of ships to rescue the people of Pompeii. Amazing nearly 2, year old letters, great Primary Source for history. Probably best for 5th grade and up, or a literate 4th grader. Viking Age History from Hurstwic. The articles are updated regularly, and we hope to add more articles on a regular basis.

A list of some of the references used to create these articles is here. In addition, we have created a short reading list of introductory texts on Viking age topics, for both children and adults. I like a guy and I thought he liked me to because at every football game he would wait for me and everytime he saw me his eyes lit up like his whole world came alive.. I often catch him staring at me when I hang out with my other friends…He just stares at me and smiles..

So one day I decided I should tell my feelings for him.. Supposedly, they would stop dating and looking after they realize they met someone special. I have a hard time trusting him. I think mostly because although he has been nice and attentive and sweet and generous and affectionate, he never indicated any commitment. We do share a lot of quality time and talks and enjoy being with each other immensely.

He was always in touch, always call or text, tell me where he is and who he is with. No talks of commitment. Should I take it as a sign?

He is very verbal and conversive. Makes me think if that was what he was aiming for, he would pronounce what he wants. Just planning to spend time with me. Couple times a week, weekends, holidays, get always, but never verbally say anything indicating whole hearted commitment.

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He hurts me anyhow he likes But I do endure it cos of the love I have for him……. But now everything is worst…….. Am confused and fed up I need advice on what to do Maybe to stay back or forget about him.

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I was on my vacation when I met him and he made the first move. I have to admit, this article is very true. Men who like you will not keep you quessing and will genuinely bond with you on any level throughout your best or worst.

Kind of guy who is indiscreet about his sexual intentions.. Truth be told they come in every age, shape and relationship status.. Men who interest in you obviously show by their behavior and respect.

What if the guy tells u about his life and asks about yours but u guys r not dating u just text each other and you r afraid he will reject u. I work with him and he is always the one initiating the conversation. They are married of course but its still confusing he acts the same way around me and them. This past weekend, me and a guy had our first date, he suggested we go shopping for food, cook a meal together, eat, and hang out, which we did.

He started kissing me in the kitchen and the affection and kissing continued on through the evening, before, during and after the meal…until he left. When his hands started wandering up my top, I stopped him. We continued to make out until he left. We texted back and forth the next day, he called and we talked for about an hour. How do I proceed with this, build sexual tension, and not get put in the friend zone?

This will be long and I apologize… Just want to explain my entire confusion here: He was everything I wanted in a guy. After about a year of showing him I truly loved him and cared he never committed to me. I never believed him The last year and a half has been horrible… he stopped wanting any physical and never takes me out… but likes to keep me as a phone buddy. He is not getting any sexual thing out of this from me. I realize that if he truly wanted to be with me he would want to actually see me: We use to talk daily with good morning and good nights… now it will go two days between contact.

Just hard because I truly care and emotionally have fallen in love with him. He does live an hour away but never was an issue at beginning. So, im not very experienced in the whole dating, getting to know a guy well. They are usually in it for sex or just to have someone when no one is around as a friend. I kinda just gave up until I met this guy. He was unlike anyone I have ever met or been with before.

He has all the qualities that make me believe in good guys. We hung out a couple of times but nothing happen, we just talked and got to know each other and it was a really nice change. I thought the connection that we had was real and i still want to hold on to it as we still talk on campus when we see each other. Am I crazy just to hold on or should I just finally let go and give up. Rejection has driven me to not want to find my happily ever after, even though I know I deserve it. I recently got out of a seven year relationship where we had long distance relationship for five years and were only together for two years.

Is it wrong to be friends when there is a brother and sister bond between exes since we still care and want the best for each other, but no feelings involved, however there is still an emotional connection and history there? Okay, so I met this guy about a year and a half ago and there was a connection. He said he really like me and all he is asking is to give him change and maybe we can meet in person after a few months because he is about to come on my place for his job.

So I give him a chance and I focus on him we had fun getting to know each other, we have so much in common and I think we can get along very well even in person. But this past 2 weeks he started to change he started not to text me everyday or even not reply my messages and he is always has an excuse that he is busy or stress. Thats what makes me confused!

These 5 are so true. That really hurt, and I learned my lesson I guess. Since he is a childhood friend, he still communicates once in a while. But it is clear to me now that he is not just into me. You seem to be a nice person. The last part of this article is the most important. We guys are not that hard to figure out. Yeah guys are not that had to figure out, girls typically are! And wait is this website only for adults? And I agree with you, I am a young adult.

And I have a guy friend whoI used to like, he seems interested in hanging out kinda. I used ask him twice, and now he can randomly text how we should hang out. He came to my house for a pool party I had, and know him from church.

I want to stay in the Friends Zone for now though. He is a very nice guy, and i know him from church. Does not get along with the group of his 5 friends.

He hangs with all guys, and me all gals. Zack and I are the only peopel from those groups at church who get along. And we have spoken over the phone for about an hour once before, it was kinda deep. Oh haha sure xD. I think this show more consideration , instead of simply illuding people. The only thing I regret about a guy I liked is wasting almost a year to figure out he was not interested.

If he had just said it, I would move on without being hoping mad with me as I am now. So I really am not sure that any of the advice in this article is accurate for all men. All men are different. I know men who freeze up around a woman they are interetsed in. I'm having a creative block though.. Did you divide them up into teams, or play individually? And did each child get a turn at each task?

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I tried taking pictures without a memory card and it said "full" Needless to say, I have none of my own pictures from our party. I was so sad!! So, I've gathered some pictures from around blog land to give you an idea of what each individual game looks like.

If you click on the image source below each picture, that will take you to another great site that also did a minute to win games! I'm excited to share our list of games with you! Stack the candy as tall as you can without it falling over. If it falls over, you start again. At the end of one minute, the tallest tower of hearts wins! Place a cup for each player on a table. Have the players take 4 steps back and hand them a handful of marshmallows.

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I thought this one would take at least a minute It was tons of fun! The player with the most candies on her plate after one minute wins!

Images: dating sites for 4th graders

dating sites for 4th graders

Tossing the marshmallows into the cups one at a time, the player with the most marshmallows in his cup at the end of 60 seconds wins! Taylor Beard So, im not very experienced in the whole dating, getting to know a guy well. Viking crafters were very big on this style.

dating sites for 4th graders

I realize that if he truly wanted to be with me he would want to actually see me: A collection of links to Greek myths including the 12 Olympian gods.

dating sites for 4th graders

Look for to see what's been added lately! He took me to a family party and everyone was so nice with me and his sister and I kept dating sites for 4th graders for a while. If you click on gradegs image source below each picture, that will take you to another great site that also did a minute to win games! There's a menu bar along the top. Investigate Mohenjo-Daro, check out pottery, and read the story of life in a bead maker's shop just like in Indus Trader. Or you online dating dayton ohio always buy the magazine, anywhere. Winged Sandals "Take the tour with Hermes the messenger god, through a magical place filled with datihg gods, daring heroes and fabulous monsters.