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EA Clarifies Use of Microtransactions in UFC 3

ea ufc matchmaking

The corporate strategy shifted from acquiring exclusive game content to securing exclusive distribution relationship, while the client platform changed from a Windows executable to a browser-based java applet. Electronic Arts has invited select players to try out the EA Sports UFC 3 beta, and details about the game's microtransaction system have emerged. Pesi mediomassimi Light Heavyweight.

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Picking the length of the training camp also determines how long you have to manage your fighters wellbeing and popularity. Each week you get points to use on various things like promotions, training techniques, new moves and carrying out contract tasks in line with the UFC. At the beginning of the new week those points reset so managing these various things require some strategy.

There are a number of contractual obligations that are to be met and by not meeting these could result in dropping down the pecking order or even having your contact terminated. The career mode has some great pacing and with the management of promotions, fighter fitness and contract obligations it adds the depth required without being over complicated. In terms of customisation, I was left a little disappointed with the limited scope for fighter creation and other things like attire choices.

It was all a little lacking in these departments and I felt restricted in giving my fighter a unique look that reflected on his personality.

Despite the limited customisation, I enjoyed my time with the career mode and it made a change to not have to grind my way through to become not only champion of one weight but also a double champion of multiple weight classes, eventually becoming an inductee in to the UFC Hall of Fame. The choices of the fighters on offer gives plenty of variation so no matter which style you prefer to play, whether that be standing and banging or a wrestling ground game with submissions, there are endless choices to compliment your play style.

Despite this though UFC 3 has a very impressive selection of fighters and gives players a rare opportunity to make up their own fantasy fights that could never happen like Chuck Liddell vs Mark Hunt or Forest Griffin vs Jon Jones and many more.

The likenesses of the fighters are brilliantly recreated with huge amounts of detail and realism so accurate that it looks as realistic as watching an actual UFC Pay-Per-View event on your TV. Animations are smooth and movements look as realistic as ever with a ton of new animations added in to this years game. Authenticity is oozing out of UFC and like any EA Sports title, everything is represented as it should be including the fantastic commentary and a the brilliantly accurate introductions announced by none other than the legend himself Bruce Buffer.

Not only does it look and sound fantastic but overall UFC 3 plays well too and the stand up aspect of it is certainly a huge improvement over the last game with punches, kicks, elbows and ground and pound all having the desired impact that you might expect from an MMA game.

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ea ufc matchmaking

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ea ufc matchmaking

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