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Just be close, is that your idea of fair??? Black Ops 2 was a waste of my money,has to be the most hacked game since MW3. Treyarch needs to be sold off and dismantled to never be allowed to plague the multiplayer gaming world. Please tell me how to do this.

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You go to the pillar of autumn mission and go to the part where Emile dies. If its not broke dont fix it. This game is so bad and horrible and stupid! Simply jump from the top of the ghosts towards the skull and land on the beam. Score over 15, points in the Campaign meta-game on the second mission. Treyarch needs to be sold off and dismantled to never be allowed to plague the multiplayer gaming world.

Perhaps most amusingly, you can detonate it under yourself to rocket-jump up to otherwise-inaccessible areas. Just two abilities on one character opens up all those possibilities, and as you might imagine, once you get 12 characters scrapping over objectives, using their abilities to help and hurt one another, further layers of tactical nuance begin to unfurl.

On her own, Pharah can be a major headache by hurling herself high into the air and hovering there while raining rocket-propelled death down on opposing teams from angles that render both cover and positioning moot. But with Mercy the winged medic tending to her, Pharah becomes a whole different kind of problem. Combined with her ability to slow her descent with her wings, she's the only character that can follow Pharah wherever she goes.

So you end up with a dynamic duo flying all over the place — the one shoving rockets down people's throats while the other switches between healing her up and buffing her already substantial damage output as needed.

The sum of all these minute details is that almost every action, even the ones you repeat again and again, feel just a little bit magical. Overwatch is rich with synergies like this: Reinhardt and Lucio, Zarya and Reaper, Torbjorn and Symmetra…there's no shortage of opportunities for keen, coordinated play, and when you reach a point where you feel comfortable switching your character on the fly in the middle of a match to capitalize on weak enemy team composition, you feel like a tactical genius.

You could spend many hours playing Overwatch before getting to that point by properly wrapping your brain around all the little intricacies it has tucked away behind its approachable veneer, but you certainly don't need to just to have a good time with it. Just trying out different characters, popping off their abilities, and moving through their world feels almost indescribably right, and it's all because of tiny, almost imperceptible details.

The lid on Junkrat's grenade launcher flaps and clanks about with his every move, Lucio's movement has just the slightest touch of inertia, so you actually feel like you're skating when you play him. Zenyatta's reload animation might be my favorite; I never got tired of watching him open his arms to materialize a new set of orbs before clasping them together with a satisfying, metallic thud.

It's a small thing, sure, but the sum of these minute details is that almost every action, even the ones you repeat again and again, feel just a little bit magical. This adds another interesting layer of strategizing and decision making when coming up with team compositions.

Every map is directly tied to a specific objective type, so their construction is well-tailored to the action at hand. You never get that disjointed feeling of playing capture the flag on a team deathmatch map, like you might in other multiplayer shooters where maps have to accommodate a variety of modes. The upsides are subtle, but significant. Also, some might still come at you, but not all of them!

Ok for this cheat you will need the mythic map pack with the map sandbox. First spawn a killball in forge mode then spawn a few bubbleshields. Next set the bubbleshields for instant respawn. Now throw one of the bubbleshields into the but only partially if not you will die killball and walk into the killball through bubbleshield and you should be alive.

Go to the level the Covenant and take your warthog the Miranda Keyes leaves for you at the beach to the first tower. Once the tower is in sight there are two ghosts and don't destroy them because you will need them later.

Destroy the wraith and the prowlers and then go back for the ghost. Next find a deployable cover for later. Drive the ghost up the small hill where the shade turret is. Destroy it and nudge it down the hill. Now back up to the rock wall and punch it onto the first tower.

It may take a couple tries. Once up there keep walking up and there's a part whee you can't reach you will need to throw the deployable cover and jump on it and then up and keep walking. Now it will start to punch you off the right side of the tower and let it because you will fall and then start floating. Float over to the cliff and walk up it and now you will be out of the Covenant.

If you go by the top of the tower ahead of you and crouch near the side it should skip the whole level and continue where you get in hornets at the citadel. When you get to the part of the level "The Storm" where you come out a door and you see a wrecked ship and two 2 AA wraiths, destroy all enemies. Once Johnson says, "Stand by. Once you do, wait till a guy says, "Aw, this can't be good, man, " get on a missle turret.

Next, your in for a big surprise. Just take out the circle thing on the back and shoot the core. Some sort of vehical 3. Halo3 first equip the plasma pistol then have a friend or compete on xbox live charge the plasma pistol till its full then fire at the enemy vehicle. The vehicle should stop but the weapons will still be functional but the vehicle will stop be damaged and you can jack it easier.

In the level, The Covenant, in the part when you are trying to deactivate the third tower, destroy the two anti-air wraiths.

Destroy the regular wraith if you want. Wait back and try not to get killed. Make sure the elites die before you go inside of the tower. If they don;t, you can kill them yourself. After a little while, land your hornet and go into the tower. Kill the left over covenant guarding the tower, and the left over elites. When that's done, grab the fuel rod gun and the extra ammo left by the chieftain.

Go inside of the tower, and kill the brutes that come in from the door. Now, go through the door to the part where the hunters appear. Turn to the left or into the right hallway to avoid contact with the hunters. Kill the drones that come in from the sides, or kill most of them to stay alive. Go in through the second door to where the brutes and the drones that come in from the elevator are.

Kill every single one of them, and proceed through the elevator. Kill off the gold chieftain and the brutes as fast as you can if your playing this on single player mode. Once you've killed the brutes, and you've deactivated the tower, the flood should come in after the video clip. Skip them and go down the elevator. The flood will attack the arbiter, so help them kill him before the hunters come you don't have to kill him.

Once arbiter is dead, just watch the hunters and the flood fight. This trick is easier if you play in co-op mode, because the Arbiter does not interfere.

The first skull is located near the area were the two phantoms come up to attack you. Go in the right-hand corner direction when the phantoms come up, and then, hanging over the water, is an overhang with a gold skull on the edge. Hold down the RB button to pick it up. This skull is located at the dams were you free Johnson and his squad. Just after you cross the bridge with the brute with a gravity-hammer on it, there is a railing made of pipes. Jump onto it and follow it down. Soon, you will be led to a small alley on the top floor.

The skull is just beside the alley entrance. Please note you must be on the difficulties Normal, Heroic, or Legendary to collect skulls. First insert the the Halo 3 Recon disc or get all the Four Vidmaster Challenges to then you finally get recon on Halo 3! This is how you download the Mythic Map Pack. You buy Halo Wars Limited Edition and when you get it and it will say the names of the thing that you want on the card.

Hold RB to charge the plasma pistol to full blast and search for your target then when you find your target fire, it will destroy your enemy's shields and then finish your enemy of. In the level "Cortana", be careful of those swelling spores on the walls! If you break them open they'll pour out with floods, so when a flood is near one of the spores, wait until it backs away;unless you want to get pwned by some floods.

In the first level after you see Johnson cross the bridge you drop down. You'll see a wrecked pelican next to the cliff. Go to the pelican and there are a bunch of assault rifles, battle rifles, and a sniper rifle.

In the third level after you have to ditch the warthogs, you see a bridge overhead. There is a sniper next to the small building on top. There's another one in the building the marines are in next to the battle rifles. The last one is in the drop pods after you get to the part where you have to take down a bunch of wraiths and choppers. In most maps, you can go to forge and place an object down.

Afterward, place something such as a wall that you can stand on. Delete the object below the wall and the wall will float so you can camp there and snipe. Another thing you could do is put something real big under the platform and then put a respawn point up there.

Put a real awesome gun there so the only way to get it is to respawn there. On Epitaph, when you go off the big grav lift thingy, jump on one of the things on the side that stick out.

When you land on it, you should get a good view of below you. When n00bs go off the lift, they wont know what hit'em!! To find this Skull, play the level, Halo and the on your right is a path. Take it and you will find the skull.

A great all around weapon. Surprisingly accurate even over long ranges if fired in bursts, the MA5c is still better used up close or at medium range Les potent against shielded enemies, but very effective against grunts and the flood.

A mid-range single burst to the head will deal with most unshielded enemies, but it's a recipe for disaster at close range thank to slow bursts. It's worthless against he flood for the very same reason.

Carries less ammo than you're used to, but is the absolute best weapon to take on the flood. It will deplete a fully shielded enemy in a single shot a very close range, but is useless for long range. One of Halo 2's key weapons is relegated to a supporting role in halo 3. Range is increased but damage is reduced at medium or close range, dual SMG's will make mincemeat of the flood, but like the pistol, it's best paired with the plasma rifle.

To beat Heroic easier is to start a Legendary solo game and all you have to do is beat each mission on Legendary then you beat Heroic and Legendary and you get Gamerscore. Start a game on any map that has turrets with two players more if you wish.

Then have one player go find or add a turret, then have that player get on it. The other player should go into editor mode flying bot and grab the turret while the other player is still on it. The player on the turret should now press B to rip it off. Notice how the turret on the stand is still there even though you have it in you hands? Killing a scarab is about the same as killing a wraith easier. Instead of getting on the scarab you can shoot a round piece of metal off the back and then you will see the power core.

Simply shoot it a couple of times and it will blow up. To easily kill a wraith, just get behind it and you will see a hole somewhere in the middle just below the gunner. Simply shoot at it and pieces would break off revealing the power core. A couple shots to the core would destroy the wraith. This method saves a lot of ammunition and is very essential on harder difficulties.

This is because on Legendary the wraith has a very high hit point and will take a while to go down. Use this method to destroy it quickly with ANY gun. This can be performed during a local match or replay only. Headshots on grunts cause heads to explode with confetti.

Crow's Nest How to find: Right after the first objective, while en route to the barracks, you will fall down onto a pipe. You need two players for this cheat to happen. One player turns into a ball and gets out a platform and the other person jumps on the platform and the other person deletes the platform and the other player is floating in mid air one move and that person fall.

As far as I know, this only works on grunts, jackals and skirmishers: Then simply sprint towards an enemy and tap the melee button. This is most effective against the hand-shield jackals. To get the avatar award you must finish a campaign level on legendary without dieing. The level to do it is winter contingency, go past the first parts of it until you get to the first time you fight, take out all of them then go to the right, stick to the right the whole level, even in the car.

Once you get to the part with the other marines go around the building and keep going until your on top of it. Sit there and keep headshotting everybody. After you get off the falcon for a second time run into the room with Kat and stay there until shes done. After that the other elites are kinda easy to kill just stay behind cover. Go at him because you will die! Stay back take out the grunts and try to stick him.

When you get to the part when the machines are rising from the ground just kill all the grunts shoot the sword elite then sprint as fast as you can to where you start the just walk back he should be fighting jorge throw a grenade assasinate him or just let jorge do the dirty work hope this helps. You know the different color visor options for your helmet.

Well there is a gold colored one. It gets unlocked when you reach the rank of captain. It coasts , credits but you can only equip it when you are at lt. This is a Glitch which only works on the U shaped Phantom. What you need is a plasma gernade.

What you do is when the phantom comes you aim up and run under a part of the U and you throw the plasma gernade under the part that opens.

It should go in and stick an enemy. The up key and your see your stuff fall on the ground but no body. When you get out of your orb you will I have a full thing of ammo only if you shot your gun. You just survived death. This can even be used to get ammo if you truly want to do that.

This is all in the timing that you do this. It says you did not die. You know the trucks you drive on the mission winter contingency? Well even though it doesn't have a turret Noble 5 can get on the back of the truck which turns it into an improvised warthog.

Here are all the different Armor Abilities in the game. I think the abilities are self-explanatory. You can only do this when you're playing offline.

To easily get fast-forward to work without ruining your trigger finger, do the following: Now it will fast forward automatically. When you're in mission 03 Oni: Sword Base there are two hidden switches that look like "doors" that you can open only with both players in a Co-op Match. Both can be found after Rally Point Alpha where you must destroy the wraiths.

Switch A is on the coast of the water a little southeast from the buildings with a pair switches you must activate. It is on a pile of rocks near the big frozen waterfall. You'll know you are standing in the right place when you get a message saying "Hold X to Open Door. Switch B is just past the AA cannon in the next area. A pile of rocks with some trees on it overlooks the big walled complex on the ice below that area. The race course is marked with red waypoints. The loser's warthog blows up and you can start again!

To take less damage when falling, you can try to crouch just before you land - it's all in the timing - and it can make it so you don't take as much damage when you hit the ground.

You can use this trick from Halo 2 - to get faster melee attacks: This should make you hit faster. You can get the following things for your avatar: Successfully complete a campaign mission on the Legendary difficulty without dying. Get a Bulltrue medal in Multiplayer or Firefight Matchmaking mode. Play a full game of any type in the Halo: Then, access Halo Waypoint, and browse your Halo career statistics. Get a Killtacular in Multiplayer Matchmaking mode. Kill enemies in a row, without dying in Campaign or Firefight mode.

Avenge a teammate's death in Multiplayer Matchmaking mode. Iron Skull - Co-Op reverts to previous checkpoint on player death. Single player death restarts entire mission. Your shield won't recharge unless you perform a melee Tough Luck Skull - Enemies always make every saving throw, always berserk, always dive, never flee. Every enemy will dodge slower attacks, like needles and grenades. Grunts will suicide attack and Brutes will charge Catch Skull - Enemies are grenade happy -- 2x as often and 2x as fast.

Lots of grenades Cloud Skull - Motion sensor disabled with this setting. Less ammo from picked up weapons Thunderstorm Skull - Major upgrade to all enemies.

All enemies have more life Tilt Skull - Damage tables are modified. Enemy weaknesses and strengths are increased -- Elite shields are susceptible to nothing but Plasma Pistols Mythic Skull - Double enemy health. Clears the screen but won't affect gameplay Cowbell Skull - Acceleration scale from explosions is 3x.

Things fly further Grunt Birthday Skull - Grunts explode as if they were plasma grenades when they are killed with a headshot. Hear rare dialog from computer-controlled players. On Forgeworld it doesn't matter which map you're on , walk out to the edge of the hangar and use your weapon to zoom in on the background where you see Halo making its huge loop around. At the base of the ring you will see the face of Chris Carney among the clouds of the Halo. Now stay in forge mode go to a high hight and go to human mode, as soon as you hit the ground go to forge mode if you see your wepons in forge mode means you died so don't go to human or you would be some where else have the connectin host leave once your back you may be dead or you'll have no wepons!

You HAVE to have xbox live for this glitch. You go to the challenge that requires you to get kills. Get kills then save the game, disconnect your xbox live cable or adapter, then plug it back in.

You should still have the credits you earned. Do the same thing and you will gain credits by the thousands each time! Over at the zombie base not first spawn if you go up the steps where a little opening on the right is a little ramp go up it make shure both of you are on it then jump on top of eachother then jump on the roof. The only problem is the second player cannot come on the roof but you are invincible. Go to campaign on Halo Reach select the third mission. Then select difficulty Heroic or Legendary for you skilled people out there and put all primary skills on except iron and start mission.

Then you start mission go to the right were this elite should be pass or kill him it doesn't matter then stay to the right way there is a ledge on the wall you can jump on.

Do this until you get to the building were you will see an armor lock and an ordinance target ray gun. Pick it up and then use armor lock. Then fire gun and run back to the back of the building until it says checkpoint and then die somehow. You should then respawn to where you fired the ray gun and just repeat this and you will get a ton of credits. During the mission where you fly onto the corvette with Jorge to deliver the slip-space bomb also the mission where Jorge dies , you can actually use the turret on the pelican that is holding the bomb.

On either side there should be yellow arrows pointing towards the wings. Crouch at the nose of the ship and walk towards the wings while holding the button you use to enter turrets changes depending on your controller setup.

You should end up inside the turret and be invincible. There is a way to see out of the turret but I forgot how but I think it has something to do with spinning the turret around. On forge, go to forge world and in the hanger put a two way teleporter. One anywhere you want, the other has to be put behind the wall on the far right side of the hanger opposite the entrance there you will be able to teleport behind the wall.

Don't move around though there is a countdown timer if you go to far.

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halo reach multiplayer matchmaking cheats

Firestarter Score 50, points in Firefight on any map. Than the peacekeeper best gun ever. This works in campaign and split-screen, but has not been proven on Live matches.

halo reach multiplayer matchmaking cheats

I have received multiple error codes and my game freezes up in the middle of game play. Underneath this piping are some support beams that extend out over a cliff.

halo reach multiplayer matchmaking cheats

I do it with my bottom teeth and lip. Sounds like an overwhelming amount of halo reach multiplayer matchmaking cheats are disappointed and fed up with this game. They are ridiculously overpowered. And you just toss us to the side like were nothing. I will not purchase another COD game due to all the continuous issues and quality, not to mention the realism aspect. Yeah tell me about it!!!!