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It’s a thing: Women fall for their personal trainers and here’s why

personal trainer dating clients

How to hire a personal trainer 9 Tips for finding the perfect personal trainer Dangerous fitness: Discounted guest privileges worldwide Find a participating club: A personal trainer should absolutely stretch a client — if a needs analysis has determined what areas need to be stretched and the trainer understands how to do manual stretching.

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Work Within Scope of Practice A review of scope of practice documents from a number of personal training certification organizations finds no specific mention of stretching. On an ethical standpoint, some discourage personal trainer client dating because they view the act as taking advantage of a job position that sometimes places participants in vulnerable situations. If trainers want to be respected as professionals, they need to personally adopt guidelines, regardless of whether their club has a policy prohibiting social or romantic contact with clients. He is the author of several books on personal training and creator of the first-ever certification in Online Training Online Trainer Academy. We brought in Bob McAtee, author of Facilitated Stretching which has sold over , copies since to answer whether or not personal trainers stretch their clients? Since then, the efficacy of static and most assisted stretching has come under scrutiny and for good reason.

Stretching would certainly fall within these guidelines. Of course, a subset of the scope of practice is having the proper education to perform the assisted stretching. This improper application of stretches is what fuels the controversy over trainer-assisted stretching. When the body is forced to move into ranges beyond its current adaptability, bad things can happen. There are plenty of opportunities for trainers to learn specialized stretching techniques to use with their clients, the best being face-to-face workshops with plenty of supervised practice.

In many cases, a certification process is available for the trainer who wants to specialize in a particular flexibility technique.

Passive stretching — Where the trainer does all the work to stretch the client. Passively stretching clients presents the most risk for overstretching and possibly injuring a client. AIS is an active form of stretching and this significantly reduces the chance of injury. PNF stretching — Where the trainer directs the client to engage the target muscle group isometrically before the stretch. PNF stretching can be performed actively or passively.

The trainer rarely adds any passive stretch. He is the author of Facilitated Stretching , a how-to book about PNF stretching, used by health and fitness professionals worldwide. Since its release in , the book has sold over , copies and been translated into Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. However, as a club operator, there are things you can do to help ensure a professional environment: Hire trainers who are certified by recognized, national organizations that have policies addressing professionalism.

For example, the American Council on Exercise ACE , in its code of ethics, requires its certified professionals to "establish and maintain clear professional boundaries".

Ask trainers during pre-employment interviews how they would handle the situation if they were asked out on a date by a client to whom they were attracted. There may be no right answer, but there are many wrong ones! Also, call an applicant's previous employers and ask why the employment relationship ended. You may learn that the trainer makes a habit of getting romantically involved with clients. Implement and enforce a solid sexual harassment policy.

Unless the breakup of a romantic relationship between a trainer and a client is amicable and mutually agreed upon, it could result in charges of sexual harassment and litigation, and, whether the trainer or the client is the alleged "harasser," the club could be found liable for allowing harassment to occur.

Personal training clients also come in the form of highly attractive, highly confident individuals that may live a lifestyle that you find attractive. It is a bad idea in personal training, to mix business with pleasure. Because, although it may be great for your ego, your reputation may suffer as word gets around. But you completely alienate yourself from people who want you to train their significant others. Now there are going to be some clients that just want to have a good time and see you as a great opportunity.

That is none of my business. It only becomes an issue when money is exchanging hands for other services. There are tons of places to meet great people but your gym should be off limits. You spend a lot of time in the gym and there may be that one person that really knocks your socks off.

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personal trainer dating clients

Nick Tumminello , founder of Performance U International, is known for his innovative, hybrid fitness training concepts and for his ability to provide simple, honest, and immediately applicable solutions to common problems fitness professionals face.

personal trainer dating clients

Passive stretching — Where the trainer does all the work to stretch the client. Privacy and terms at the bottom of this page.

personal trainer dating clients

Now this not an article about training your significant other at work. Please enter a valid email address. The personal trainer dating clients edition will be released in November Passive stretching — Where the trainer does all the work to stretch the client. Is Personal Training Right for Me?