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Shawn recruits his childhood friend, Burton "Gus" Guster to help him. Bianca's Toast season finale ". But when they do, they'll be looking for Raz, the boy. They interview all of the contestants, getting no leads, until the spellmaster for the bee falls to his death. Sasha as he appears in Psychonauts 2. The episode " Clues " featured an entirely new main title sequence based on the board game Clue.

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Retrieved March 17, What did the Rainbow Squirt tell you? Shawn and Gus visit the boy's former apartment, where they find a card leading them to an underground poker game at a plant nursery. The Movie as Heather Rockrear. Retrieved May 8,

Now you wanna use my real name? I'm Shawn Spencer, and this is my partner This is a derivative of methyl parathion. Whatever you're into, I want you to get out quick. You know what's even more tired than me saying "I've heard it both ways"? I know this because we've tried on several occasions. And the second woman was simply a replica of the first woman, but they painted her face brown, which is both offensive and suspicious.

Are you kidding me, free little bottles of Axe Shampoo, this is the best hotel ever! Tropes Q to Z. Race Against the Clock: The SBPD often gives Shawn a deadline to solve the crime or get out of the way so that the real police can investigate. Played straight in the third season finale, when the killer gives Shawn a time limit to save the victim, his mother. Played straight in the movie, when the villain rigs Alcatraz to blow Shawn and Gus both apparently, judging from the fact that they go to Confession at the end of one episode unless, of course, Fr.

Westley is an even worse priest than we thought. In the season 3 finale, Gus' voice while he's slightly out of breath from chasing a train apparently sounds too fake to be real to Abigail on the phone. Real Life Writes the Plot: Chief Vick's pregnancy in the first season. And for several episodes in season 2, Lassiter had his arm in a sling.

The reason for this was never revealed, but was implied to be something embarrassing. It was actually caused by Timothy Omundon's real-life injury.

Lassiter only gets a single scene in the movie as a result of Timothy Omundson suffering a mild stroke. Certainly, when compared to Lassiter. It's implied she may be on to Shawn's bit, and tolerates it to solve cases. Happens every so often, with Shawn happily and Gus reluctantly having to exonerate them.

A notable example is in the Season 4 finale: Yin wears ankle weights to make Shawn believe Mary is the killer. Red Oni, Blue Oni: This show is full of well-written foils. All the s and s pop culture jokes. Pretty much anything Shawn ever says or does, but calling your phony psychic detective agency that you're using to get yourself out of trouble with the cops " Psych " is certainly up there in the "requires large cojones " department.

The Daredevil in one episode. Remember the New Guy: Done with Shawn's uncle. Also done with Drake played by Mekhi Phifer , the sudden fifth member of Gus' old a capella quartet.

Subverted with Lassiter's friend Stumpy. Lassiter tries to convince everyone that he and Stumpy have been pals forever, but they actually lost touch in high school. Lassiter was just embarrassed at his lack of guy friends.

Shawn spends all of "Bounty Hunters! When asked what he is doing he explains that that's when somebody usually gets shot, right? In the season six finale, Henry retires due to finding out that two of his partners from his days in the force were crooked, and he could no longer put his heart in it. As he tells this to his last remaining partner, a tragic case of I Never Said It Was Poison happens, and the last partner shoots Henry as they're walking along the beach to keep him quiet.

Shawn once spoke of Juliet as being "an enigma wrapped in a little blonde riddle. Abigail Lytar was one of these. For her part, Abigail's not thrilled to get to see a dead body. Abigail has since been put on a plane to do volunteer work in Africa, but says she'll return sometime in February. Although Shawn rescues her, she breaks up with him, unable to deal with the danger Shawn's profession puts him and his loved ones in. Juliet also expresses some jealousy when she discovers that Shawn's relationship with Abigail has progressed to the "he has a drawer, she has a toothbrush stage" when she and Gus are checking out Shawn's apartment.

They are there to figure out how Shawn got himself SHOT, by the way, and Juliet still can't help getting sidetracked by her jealousy. Rube Goldberg Hates Your Guts: Yin Presents," the second member of the Yin-Yang killer team uses Alfred Hitchcock films to devise several themed ways of luring, capturing, or killing people.

Mary Lightly was killed similarly to a scene from Psycho. The main cast had to go into a building as different characters from Hitchcock films, where Henry Spencer and Carlton Lassiter became trapped in a car but survived ; however, Juliet triggered a trap door that caused her to be captured.

Later, she was tied in a chair that was attached to a clock tower, in such a way that at 4: At the same time, Shawn's girlfriend, Abigail, was bound beneath a pier while the tide was coming in. Both were saved in the nick of time. Pretty much the entire show, with a thin veneer of reality on top. In "Turn Right or Left for Dead," Shawn and Gus pretend to be Swedish, using hilariously awful fake accents while talking a character who is actually Swedish and he actually buys it.

Has its own page. Shawn is white, Gus is black. Mocked in the "Ebony and Ivory" season 3 teaser. Not to mention the fashion show episode, where they masquerade as Black and Tan, two made-up supermodels. How dare you assume otherwise. Lampshaded in "Shawn Gets the Yips" when Shawn assigns all the characters items found in a restaurant: I'm the pepper, you're the salt I think it's time for us to do what we do best.

I'm the good guy, you toothless hillbillies! Spiro , [77] long-time Charmed executive producer and director James L. Conway , [78] Growing Pains actress and experienced director Joanna Kerns , [79] and movie writer, director, and actor John Landis.

Two actors received star billing for the first season, while three additional actors were considered part of the main cast. James Roday portrayed Shawn Spencer , a life-long slacker who uses his hyperobservant ability to claim he is a psychic. Shawn's father, Henry Spencer , a former police officer, is played by Corbin Bernsen and Karen Vick , the pregnant interim police chief is portrayed by Kirsten Nelson. All fifteen episodes of Psych' s first season were written with a stand-alone plot, meaning that no episode built off of a previous one.

The rest of the writing for the episode was added late in pre-production. Corbin Bernsen requested and was granted the addition of two scenes in the installment.

Both involved his character confronting Shawn. The episode included multiple flashbacks, which in subsequent episodes were used as an opening scene. In the pilot, flashbacks were also included in the middle of the episode.

The majority of alteration to the script occurred with the arrest of the episode's antagonist, a scene which the writers felt was never perfectly right. While in early development for the series, Franks and the show's writing team consulted several outside sources to help make the show seem more realistic.

Franks regularly consulted with his family, especially his father, when writing the police-related aspects of the show. Some scenes from episodes were actually taken directly from the teachings of Franks' father. The opening scene for the pilot episode, where Henry Spencer asks Shawn how many hats are in the room, was a test that the elder Franks would challenge his son with.

James Roday met with two psychics before his performance in the pilot, and adjusted his performance to make it seem more realistic. Franks wanted to set Psych in a city that reflected the show's personality; he knew that he did not want the show to be set in a big city atmosphere. While developing Psych , Franks visited Santa Barbara during his honeymoon. He felt that Santa Barbara was the perfect place to set the show, but that they would be unable to film the show there. He felt that Vancouver was "the next best location" to Santa Barbara.

Although he chose to film the show in Vancouver, most of the show is actually filmed in the surrounding communities. About half of each episode is filmed in the Vancouver suburb of White Rock , including most scenes focusing on coastal areas. Portions of the episodes are also filmed in the mountain ranges surrounding Vancouver, and occasionally in the Pacific Ocean around the city. The episode "Pilot" was filmed entirely on location in and around Vancouver.

Due to uncertainty about the show succeeding, producers decided to film the episode at actual locations in the community, instead of on a sound stage. The decision led to several issues while filming. On multiple occasions the film crew had to alter several scenes and repeatedly re-shoot a scene. For the episode's opening, the film crew had only a few feet of space to operate and maneuver the camera. The multiple scenes involving the police station were filmed in a former children's hospital and army barracks and a supposedly "haunted" former insane asylum.

The decision to shoot outside also created multiple issues with weather. Rain also affected filming, forcing the crew to purchase and use multiple tarps and additional sound equipment. Following the success of the pilot episode and the troubles of filming it, the entire rest of the season was filmed on several sound stages. Aside from an occasional scene in the mountains or city, the majority of each episode is filmed on one of several stages at North Shore Studios. Each episode is allotted a two-week window for filming.

The first week is dedicated entirely to construct and alter the sets for that week's episode. The majority of the sets for the show are located within two warehouses on the North Shore Studios property.

The police station occupies nearly an entire warehouse, while assorted other sets, like the Psych office, take up the other one. Henry Spencer's house was originally filmed at actual houses, moving from the one used in the pilot to one closer to the ocean before filming the rest of the season. However, the design team disliked how some of the sets turned out, so several were altered before filming for the next episodes began. Before the filming for "Spellingg Bee" began, the Psych office was significantly expanded, becoming the second largest stage for the show and the office for the police chief was rearranged and repainted to brighten it.

Although most episodes were filmed almost entirely on main stages and a few surrounding areas, a few installments required special sets and filming areas. Several parts of "Spellingg Bee" were filmed in a set designed to look like Santa Barbara's Arlington Theater , while other portions were filmed in a basement on the North Shore facility.

A few scenes in the episode were filmed in a large apartment complex, portions of which they rented out for other episodes, like "Poker? I Barely Know Her". It was one of several episodes where the seven-day time restraint affected numerous shots. The episode's filming was the most troublesome of any for the first season. Numerous logistical errors caused long delays and re-shoots for the installment.

The episode nearly caused a delay in the entire show, but production on it was replaced by work on "9 Lives", and was continued after that episode was finished. It was one of several episodes which were filmed out of running order.

The show's theme song, which functions as the main title music, was composed by the group The Friendly Indians. The song, titled "I Know, You Know" was written and performed by the band, which both Steve Franks and writer Tim Meltreger are members of, as the lead guitarist and vocalist, respectively. The group formed in , and the song was their first original performance. The group went on hiatus due to the series, not performing from until A shortened portion of the song is actually used for the show.

One of the few important instances of music was the short performance of a song called "Dazzle and Stretch". The song was an improvisation by Roday, which the crew loved. Just before the episode was given to the network, the music team composed and added an original piece to the scene. Most other instances of music were the playing of a radio, which was most apparent in "9 Lives".

Critical reception to Psych' s first season has been generally positive. The score is based on reviews from twelve critics who gave the season an average rating of 4. The site's consensus states "Its premise is sure to draw comparisons to Monk, and Psych's lead character that is an acquired taste at best [ sic ]". The rating is based on twenty critical opinions, consisting of nine positive, eight mixed, and three negative reviews.

Initial reception to the show was mixed. Linda Stasi, writing for the New York Post gave the show a highly positive review, saying that "it's not only laugh-out-loud-until-soda-squirts-out-of-your-nose funny, but it's also perfectly cast" and "'Psych' is just terrific". Or astral plane" with Monk and that "it's also like watching someone test Christmas lights for faulty bulbs". He gave the series an overall rating of one-and-a-half stars.

The rest of the first season received very little mainstream critical attention. Reviews for the first few episodes were polarized; while one critic described several episodes as "unintentionally lackluster", "mildly boring", "a mediocre adventure in detective comedy television", and "drop[ping] in posthaste behind Monk ", [nb 1] another critic used terms like "pretty unique", "will only get stronger from here", and containing "manic personality".

Five of the following six episodes also received the same rating, with one episode given an 8. Several episodes from the first season have retrospectively considered some of the show's best. Bianca's Toast", are part of two special DVD releases for the show. The first, titled Psych: James and Dule's Top Bianca's Toast", "Shawn vs.

Psych' s first season received a total of five award nominations, winning one of them. Three of the nominations were for acting on the show. The awards are organized by the National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications NAMIC , and are given for "outstanding achievements in original, multi-ethnic cable programming". Spader received the award for his work. Presented by the Young Artist Association , the awards honor the best performances by young performers in television.

Ten other actors were also nominated, with the award going to Connor Price for his work on The Dead Zone. In addition to the award nominations for acting, the season also received two nominations for other purposes. The Artios Awards are annually presented by the Casting Society of America and recognize the "originality, creativity and the contribution of casting to the overall quality of a project". The awards honor members of the Casting Society, and have been awarded yearly since Casting for theatrical, film, and television performances are all eligible.

Liz Marx was listed as the nominee for the casting; she did not receive the award. The awards are presented yearly by the Independent Investigations Group and recognize "movies, television shows, and people in the entertainment field for promoting scientific knowledge and values".

The show was honored with an Iggie Award at the inaugural ceremony, which was accepted by staff writer Daniel Hsia. The release came nearly a year after the pilot premiered. The release set consists of episodes with Dolby Digital 5. It received no rating from the MPAA. The box set includes all fifteen original episodes that aired on USA Network, which are divided into four separate discs. The first disc only contains a single episode, the pilot; however, several special features are also on the disc.

Both an audio commentary with Steve Franks, Kelly Kulchak, and Chris Henze and a blooper reel are available for the episode. Also included are character profiles, the extended international version of the pilot, James Roday's audition tape, and two behind-the-scenes featurettes, Psych Revealed and Inside the Writer's Room.

The remainind discs have four or five episodes on each and contain a few special features. Deleted scenes are also included for the majority of episodes. The box set's materials combine for a total of eleven hours and nine minutes of footage. Currently ranked as number 4, in the Movies and Television category on Amazon. Scott Harris of UGO. In his review for MovieFreak.

Scott was positive about the audio and video, but presented a mixed view towards the extras. He enjoyed the commentaries, saying that they are "more chatty than informative, but everyone is relaxed, and the result is entertaining and fun", but was not favorable about the international pilot.

Scott presented an overall rating of "Recommended" to the release. He praised the set's audio and video, calling them "absolutely awesome" and being better than the show's original broadcast. He stated that the set has "cool packaging" but that it is "just a bit on the strange side". He liked the commentaries and deleted scenes, but was mixed in his opinion on the international pilot.

Overall, Demeter stated that it "comes with a high level of re-play value even after already knowing how the stories end" and gave the box set a rating of "Highly Recommended". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of Psych episodes. I chose a different path, and so I sort of thought about taking that a little further. When I was a kid, we'd be in a restaurant, [and my dad] would actually ask me how many people were wearing hats in the restaurant.

And he was training me in his own way to follow his footsteps. And then of course I chose the one profession he has no concept of in the world. Steve Franks and his wife, April, went to Santa Barbara on their honeymoon. At the time, he was developing the idea for Psych. He knew he didn't want a big city atmosphere. He wanted a place that was beautiful. List of awards and nominations received by Psych.

The lack of more broadly based extras -- such as interviews or documentaries about the show or production -- is not a big deal since this show is intended to be fun, disposable entertainment and not a thesis presentation. So, if you're a fan of this show, you'll like the way they've put together this package.

And if you're not a fan, well, all we can say is get ready for the new season of Heroes and make sure you have your annotated Necronomicon handy. In his review of "Spellingg Bee", he criticized the "lackluster show quality", assessing the installment "mildly entertaining and mildly boring", calling the show miscast and stating that the minor characters are "rather forgettable". Smokers Okay, No Pets", considering it to be predictable and that its "stride is below average".

For "Spellingg Bee", he called the installment "pretty unique", though with visible flaws. Retrieved August 31, Pilot series premiere ". Retrieved May 23, Archived from the original on July 18, Retrieved March 5, Archived from the original on July 19, ABC reality not so starry".

Retrieved June 5, Woman Seeking Dead Husband: Smokers Okay, No Pets". The Associated Press Online. Retrieved May 24, Who Ya Gonna Call? Archived from the original on August 27, Archived from the original on September 3, Retrieved April 2, Retrieved June 11, From the Earth to Starbucks". Retrieved May 25, Retrieved July 30, Retrieved May 26, Bianca's Toast season finale ".

Inside the Writers' Room: Retrieved September 2, Retrieved September 1, Retrieved September 1, — via Questia. Retrieved May 28, Thomas January 13, Retrieved September 6, Psych Episodes on USA. Retrieved September 7, — via Questia. Retrieved September 7, Retrieved September 6, — via Questia. Season Six and Psych: The Complete Second Season". TV Year, Volume 1: The Prime Time Season. Applause Theatre and Cinema Books. Sakmar writer August 18, Sakmar writer ; Douglas Steinberg writer February 23, Retrieved March 3, Encyclopedia of Television Film Directors.

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Retrieved April 9, The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved April 10, Retrieved May 8, Retrieved May 9, Best episodes, best quotes".

National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications. Retrieved June 7,

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psych characters dating

I swear, I'm gonna leave you to rot in this backwoods, rain-drenched den of politeness.

psych characters dating

Subverted with Lassiter's friend Stumpy. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

psych characters dating

However, the design team disliked how some of the sets turned out, so several were altered before filming for the next episodes began. Retrieved April 9, Bugs In Your Eyes. Psych characters dating Men and a Baby. He felt that Vancouver was "the next best location" to Santa Barbara. What did the Rainbow Squirt tell you?