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Deal Breakers: Signs He’s Not Worth Dating

signs hes not worth dating

You have no idea what he saw in any of his exes. If they were… who knows? The guy is still emotionally committed to someone else, so he may not even miss you.


It drives me nuts! For me, number 2 is the hardest to find yet that is the most important thing for me. Do to me what you want me to do to you! It took me a lot of time, but I finally found my 10! November 2, at 3:

End at the speed of light a relationship with a man who exhibits abuse, threats of abuse and rage. When you observe the first sign of physical, emotional, verbal or sexual abuse, resolve to never spend another second with this individual. Abusive tactics are efforts to exercise control. Equally unacceptable control strategies include threats and rage, which signal emotional instability and social immaturity. Toddlers respond to hassles with tantrum behavior, but emotionally mature adults employ problem-solving skills.

Permit him to pursue a rebound romance with someone else, and pity the man if you wish. The guy is still emotionally committed to someone else, so he may not even miss you. Video of the Day. Your relationship has a fundamental, irreconcilable flaw. Im in a 12 yr marriage, and we started off as both christian, but my husband recently turned away from our faith. I know love is sweet esp when you are young, and you will feel that love will get you through anything, but when you have different belief systems, it is inevitable that there will be conflict, and honey, it will be you versus him.

Love will not win this. It will be hard. As a man looking for a good woman to settle down with, i can certainly be very happy with one woman that i can commit to instead of jumping around from one woman to another. What if almost all apply but one?

What if that one is very important? I have the same question at January Engaged to a wonderful man, but 4 is the issue. Can it work without 4? Is a person able to change coping mechanisms even if they were surrounded by unfair fighting growing up and they seem to be conditioned that way now? I think 4 is so so important. Arguing is going to happen in all relationships…but knowing how to argue fairly is how relationships last.

Without respect, a healthy lasting relationship is out of the question. You, and everyone, deserve respect from the people that say they care about you. Look at it this way: It sounds to me like emotional co-depandancy and it is form of abuse, id suggest councilling or speaking to your pastor about it.

I read something once that we teach people how to treat us. Which is so true. U need to let him know that what he is doing is just not ok and that every time he calls you names you loose respect for him which will mean that he will ultimately loose you.

Because your self confidence will start to dwindle as you subconsciously start to believe in his words, then he will start to look around as the girl he once fell in love with is no longer there anymore. YOU deserve more than that, you deserve to truely be happy, dont settle for anything there is always a perfect match out there for everyone.

And if the perfect match is him, if he truely loves you he will make a concerted effort to change and drastically for your happiness means more to him than himself…. Good luck n God Bless xoxo. These 4 are spot-on.

Especially the first one, values and lifestyle that we will be sharing are on top of my list. But first, I am praying for the man, before I look for the signs. I may have passed up some 8s in search and waiting for the prince on a white horse, but I will not settle for a 5. For those who are reading these. Be aware of all area code or They are scams from Ghana and Nigeria…. They will ask for money and even your soul.

These people are everywhere, they are on dating sites and they think they are good…They will ask for money and clean up your account. I married who I thought was a 10 when I was Fifteen years of marriage and three kids later, he left for a younger woman. But I disagree with marrying an 8 in an effort to avoid a 5 later on. The numerical scale is messed up to begin with. I think the real issue is people are afraid to be alone.

Being alone can be a blessing, and I challenge those who are currently consider marrying someone less than a 10 just for the sake of getting married to spend some time solo.

And who wants baggage anyway? Agreed with everything you just said. As a 31 year old female, that was refreshing to read. Men are just amusements to you. Chemistry only means something if you are afraid of commitment and pretty much exist on extremely short term relationships.

The thing I hate most amongst my female friends is watching them screw men over emotionally, just because of entitlement problems and a need to bolster their self esteem without being honest about their intentions. Its gutless and make no mistake, it is using them. Hell, men kill each other over this sorta behavior and my advice to most men, when reflecting on your relationship yes we do it more often than you think is to look at her like a man.

If she ends up being a bloke you would rather knock out than live with, then please try not to knock her out and tell her to up her game or get lost. You are always interesting until you become repetitive, but because men are built physically, mentally and emotionally to WORK we know that constant reinvention and recycling of parts enables us to take the good and keep building into something new and for some reason, these subtleties are completely lost on women. What was the point? Ever wonder why he can just go with the flow, even when you are panicking?

Ever wonder why his passive modes seem a little distant? Its because he is already working on what to contribute to next in his relationship. The complexity for him is that if you are at a peak self-esteem generally due to him emotionally and feeling particularly over-entitled then he is wasting his time. That realization for him, is why he dies inside.

That is just the way it is. Being that men are all different, but generally subscribe to a common set of core beliefs as individuals, if he is forced to resort to superficiality in order to set right his ship with you, you are gonna lose him, even if he succeeds in getting your adoration again.

You are either going to be told to get out of his life outright or he will force you out. It could actually even be a subconscious defense mechanism. Remember, you are losing your man, he is not losing you.

Men are not scared of the ups and downs with life. They are quite accustomed to living. Forget about knowing what kinda man you want. Know what you will do with him once you have one and have a good idea, before you even approach him, of what you will negotiate to achieve with him throughout your relationship.

You seem really unhappy. And very presumptuous to make those kind of generalizations on every woman in a relationship. I am a little disappointed by the two lists, the one for men and the one for women. The one for men is much better while this one is a little weaker someone you can have fun with is important, but why is this quality here over finding someone who respects, honors, wants to take care of you, etc.

I would have just made one list that works for men and women that combines the top tips because at the end of the day I want a man who honors me, speaks highly of me, strives to serve me, and wants to be my rock in all the ways I want to be the rock for him.

Values, respect, chemistry, honesty, adoration, etc. If you are gonna fudge the waters with him, expect him to hold back until you get some kinda parity with him. You were cool together before you got together, thats the secret. No real man is ever lonely, alone sure, its the first thing a real man has to learn, to walk alone, but no man is ever lonely unless something is very wrong with him usually fixable through mens therapy.

My husband is an atheist and I am Catholic. We completely disagree on matters of faith. However, we respect the each others opinions on the topic. He is at the core a really great kind person. One of those men who stops and helps people broken down on the side of the road, would give his last dollar to a friend who needed it more.

I asked him once, while we were driving to Washington D. So while we fundamentally disagree. I respect that the opposite of what I believe can also be true. I am most definitely sending this to a handful of my friends.

They are so unwilling to give a little on any of their laundry list of items. He must be tall at the very least, over 6 ft , dark haired, well employed, charming, must dance, in shape, and handsome. This is so true. I am with with someone for over 2. I believe whole heartedly that if your Religious Beliefs are that important to you, you have to fight to find someone that has that same Belief structure.

When we prioritize the spiritual, emotional, and physical before, and only let the sexual come in, after marriage we find ourselves in a much more fruitful relationship. Something not only pleasing to ourselves, with our needs being met, but to God as well..

As a guy, this is a huge eye-opener to me. It makes me want to become a guy that has these four values and that any woman I date will be able to see them in me. But we did NOT have the same morals. So that killed the interest I had in him. That really is the 1 thing. Going through divorce, I see why you should run at the first sign of dishonesty in a man…. Worst year of marriage, ever. Seriously terrible and heart breaking. He made me look crazy when I found out things that were going on.

But I have to admit the older you get, seems like there is slim pickens for quality and it does feel like leftovers now. I passed up two quality guys who liked me alot and now they are both married to other people.

I wish I had been smarter back then. But I think these qualities are spot on. My last most recent boyfriend had only the first two. I said in a related post that there are shifts in society happening making dating an uneven playing field for women, and this is one example where we need to shift as well.

This is old world stuff. And seriously, if being tall made for slim pickings, supermodels would never get married. I have a man that is a true angel and meets all 4 attributes listed.

But the sex part is pretty flat or there is little desire to sleep with him. Though he loves me to bits, should I still marry him cos he just proposed. I think those are definitely the four MOST important qualities… and I wish more people would understand that… thanks for putting into words! Pls write an article on how to attract and keep a good man…i have been single for 4 years no dates except failed online dates, and my excuse to myself was that no one has the patients to get to know me before thinking about sex….

What did he experience in the 2 days he spent with me that made him run so fast? I personally love this! It just assured me that my fiance is definitely worth marrying. Anywho, thank you for this article! Hi, I just stumbled on this topic and was curious how this turned out for you? Hi Dale, found your article on Pinterest. My wonderful man has all these qualities and then some. He is rough around the edges, but is thirsty to be loved. He has never found the right woman that loved him for him and accepted him for who he is like I do.

He is my 10 and does complete my list of wants and needs in a man. Thank you for this article. We have been married now for almost 3 years and it has not been easy at all. Other than the first reason on both lists neither one of us share any of the other qualities, he has so many insecurities and no matter what I say or do it does not amount to any form of respect or admiration in his eyes.

I will recommend these two articles to anyone considering marriage! Thanks for the read! You need to be in love…. I hope you pray on it, think on it, and find out your own truth. You deserve to be happy with your partner and they you. It sounds as if neither of you is happy and your husband needs therapy to deal with his issues. You might need it as well, just to let off some steam. Anything you chose, I wish you the best. I love this article!! I agree that these 4 points are the most important aspects.

Core beliefs, Honesty, fun and remaining on the same team despite disagreements is so important. This blessed me today!

Thank you Dale Partridge. I really loved this article. I do agree that the man I am with is the one I should marry he fits all of these categories almost perfectly. My one fear is yes he has lied before, maybe 2 times and we have been together 4 years. Reading point 3 makes me feel like that is something I should be worried about.

I would only consider it relationship-end worthy if its a reoccurring thing. Just pay attention and most of all trust him until he gives you a reason not to!

Waited for my 10 and got him! Ten years of blissful marriage! This article is ridiculous. This article is massively insulting to anyone single in their thirties who might be there for tragic or uncontrollable circumstances. You have great tips! Firstly, let me just say, the scale is very subjective. A 8 for you might be a 6 to me.

As well, what is now a 10, might be an 8 in a few years, or even months, depending on your growth as a person. Both of us have made mistakes, have hurt each other, but decided to work hard to ensure our relationship lasts. If you love your partner, enjoy their company and your willing to work hard, you can make it, regardless of the steps mentioned.

The signs are a good base to start, but only the 2 of you can make it work…. I thought I knew him, only to find out he was lying above normal, cheating and insulting me …I could only take so much. One day I sat down with him and I told him if he continues to be what he is.. For some they just need a wake up call…For some if there is hope honesty , even if it hurts him. If he loves you: No one is perfect…Just tell him from the start.

Do to me what you want me to do to you! Hope things walks out …and prayers help as well.. As for that I know God answered my prayer! If he brags about his achievements and his wealth, you may be dealing with a conman???? February 25, at Thanks for passing it along. February 26, at 5: February 25, at 2: February 25, at 3: Secrets are almost worse than lying. February 25, at 7: You found a Sasquatch. February 25, at 4: February 25, at 5: February 27, at Go start your life!

February 26, at Remember, just talk about it. February 26, at 2: Love the passion here! February 26, at 3: Anonymous in Africa says: February 26, at 4: Glad this worked for you. February 26, at 6: February 26, at 9: February 27, at 4: Being lonely with someone is so much worse than being alone.

Alone doesnt mean lonely! March 4, at 7: March 5, at 2: March 2, at 7: March 2, at March 5, at February 27, at 9: March 5, at 5: March 4, at 1: March 4, at 2: March 5, at 8: March 5, at 1: Forget the comments made in the blog post. That men are always in need of evaluation as to whether they are suitable as men. These kinds of thoughts, in various forms, appear all over our culture.

Ruby, first of all, to respond to your first comment: Ruby, do you watch television? And what of the other examples I cited? March 5, at 3: Men, will you sit back and take this from another man? This article was something I needed to stumble upon! March 5, at 7: Nothing wrong with waiting for a 10!

No settling necessary when it comes to Jesus. October 21, at March 6, at 3: March 7, at 1: March 19, at 1: September 28, at 9: March 7, at 8: March 7, at March 19, at March 8, at 1: March 11, at 4: March 12, at March 18, at 4: According to this I think I found someone worth marrying. March 14, at 6: March 18, at March 18, at 1: Erika L Yates says: March 18, at 8: March 19, at 5: March 19, at 6: April 11, at 1: May 20, at 3: March 19, at 2: March 21, at 5: September 28, at March 22, at 8: March 24, at 9: March 27, at 8: October 1, at 7: March 28, at 8: March 30, at April 16, at 9: May 25, at 3: May 2, at 4: August 10, at 1: October 1, at 2: August 25, at 4: I am one of the many that is meant to be single….

September 28, at 8: Well I wish you happiness in whatever path you decide to take! September 29, at 2: Nobody is meant to be single! October 11, at 5: September 28, at 1: October 1, at 1: October 18, at October 19, at 6: September 28, at 3: September 28, at 5: Arguing over a typo. October 12, at 2: Like i said, stay on topic. Looks like Grant and Christine is a prefect match! November 11, at 2: November 11, at 9: September 29, at 5: September 29, at 7: September 29, at 8: October 2, at Of course, physical attraction is very important!

September 30, at November 10, at October 18, at 8: So listen to Dale. November 2, at 1: November 5, at 3: September 29, at No offense meant or taken, but I thought I would comment: December 9, at 9: October 8, at October 19, at 1: Very poor response Christine, you could do much better… really.

November 2, at 2: November 2, at 3: October 31, at 3: So apt and true! Getting Inside the Mind of Men Read this: He makes fun of your taste in music. You never quite feel welcome at his house.

Your friends hate him. Click here and sign up today. Uber is a mobile app that connects you to a ride. Download Uber and never hail a cab again. I have more than i thought.

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signs hes not worth dating

Looks fade; the four indicators above should last for close to a lifetime with an asterisk, of course. The most important thing is to have a relationship with him and he will lead you to the right person who should have a relationship with him as well and GOD will be the adhesive which will hold the relationship Marriage together. I hope that I might have helped shed some light on this matter.

signs hes not worth dating

Getting Inside the Mind of Men Read this:

signs hes not worth dating

May 10, at 6: December 4, at 1: If you love your partner, enjoy their company and your willing to work hard, you can make it, regardless of the steps mentioned. What should I do? However, you missed the counterpart to that, which is that women have strong innate desire to be loved. Gay hookup new orleans after 10 years process we got married last signs hes not worth dating. Look at it this way: