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The MGTD/TF in America

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Kean 3, Arcadia 0 Ian Capp totaled a match-high eight kills, four digs, and three aces as the Cougars swept the host Knights of Arcadia in straight sets. His project has received publicity on Sport Car News, Channel 7, Whenever they passed each other on the highway they would wave. International Motors was also a distributor for Mercedes Benz and Jaguar. Competition Engineering began as a race prep shop for imported sports cars.


Do you know if the set was originally stained with an oil or water stain? It was a disco type club where the DJ sat inside the mouth of a shark. John Fisher at Almost anyone and everyone started making and selling various add ons for the cars but a few companies provided accessories to a much larger audience, even worldwide. John Fisher College, , , , It was demolished sometime after that. What is the ordinance for barking dogs?

Among its many other products, the company made boat trailers, fold-out travel campers, row boats and other marine items, in addition to the parts for B bombers and other aircraft items. Later, primary business came from the Department of Defense when Arnolt was making the landing gear components and pilot ejection mechanisms for carrier-based aircraft.

Arnolt Corporation further diversified in by acquiring the Climax Machinery Company, a manufacturer of slicing machines and club smokers - an all-metal chromed ash receiver some with glass holders - which could be found in dining club cars or in Pullman accommodations on trains and in theatre lobbies.

Arnolt obtained the Midwest distributorship for Nuffield Exports, Ltd. As the business grew to 30 dealers throughout the Midwest, other makes of cars were added to the line, including Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Aston-Martin. Arnolt described his company as a "job shop". Initially he had no cars to sell, just literature to show what was available. When you bought a car, you had the choice of going to New York to pick it up, or pay for delivery. Shortly there was a TD and then an XK demonstrator.

This quickly included Porsches. From the Fast Ones. The oldest import dealer west of the Mississippi. They have been in the Spokane area for over 75 years. Utah - natural trading area consisting of south eastern section of Idaho - south western quarter of Wyoming.

Gough Industries also represented Philco radios, refrigerators and TV sets. They ran a contest: The first prize winner would get the keys to a new MG TC. A young married woman with two children won the contest but had no use for the car and she immediately put the MG up for sale with an ad in the Los Angeles Times. She hadn't registered the car, so Al became the first registered owner and owned this same MG TC until just prior to his death. The high bidder was Moss Motors, who owns the car to this day.

In this article the author witnessed the process of bringing a car into Los Angeles from the ship to the dealer. He even climbed inside the hold of the ship.

The importer was Gough Industries and their 'processing plant' was 'as large as the MG factory' according to the author. It was a converted gas station at the time. Co-located with Rolls Royce distributorship. Made a custom body four passenger MG TD. In addition to functioning as an importer and distributor of automobiles and spare parts, Inskip had retail dealerships in mid-Manhattan and in Providence, Rhode Island.

Inskip's clientele included the elite of American industry, entertainment and society. MG", who then headed the distributor sales operation. Also working for Inskip was Gus Ehrman of racing fame, the Providence service manager.

Waco Motors at West Flagler Street, Miami 35, Florida was an importer for many imported cars during the 's. In late there were over MG dealers in the United States alone. Many of the dealers did not just sell MG's but a variety of Nuffield cars, other sports cars and even domestic automobiles. In , Stanley H.

The dealership was located at East Erie Street. Arnolt also supplied accessories through their company Autocessories Ltd. It was initially part of Billco Motors but it appeared in that they may have moved the sports car business away from the domestic Hudson dealership see the picture above.

Billco was not listed as an authorized dealer of Hambro in It was not unusual for a dealer to sell many different types of cars in the early 's. It was not until later in the decade that you started seeing dealerships that sold only one manufacture. In fact for MG's, it may have been that the local dealer only had one car in stock or perhaps just took orders.

Later BMC and British Leyland became more focused and eliminated these 'sideline' type of dealerships eventually moving to a 'company store' like model in the late 50's and 60's.

Up until recently the Billco dealership was currently in business selling VW and Mazda cars. It is now Cochran VW and Mazda dealerships and I am not sure if either of the locations are the same as the 's sports car dealership or not. British Car Sales had two locations in Washington state. One dealership was in Seattle also known as Rowland Motors and the other was in Tacoma.

Snead, was housed in a one-story concrete block building set back from the road. Several British sports cars were displayed in front of their showroom on this sunny day.

A large garage door was open on the right side of the building for access to the service area. The buildings concrete blocks were made by the Holroyd Company, which create the photo as part of their customer portfolio. For some reason Clayrich does not show up in Hambro's list of authorized MG dealers of , but they may have added the line after the publication was printed.

The first British car dealership in St. By , they also sold MGs and Morris Minors. Clayrich had a small showroom which could hold just a few cars, three at best. There were two mechanics. Scotty, the head mechanic was from Scotland and Art Feuerbacher was the only salesman. Clayrich closed in and MG sales in St.

Louis were supported by both Continental Cars Ltd. Davis Sales sold many different makes of foreign cars starting in the late 's. They also held hill climbs in a small town to the south called Lowellville. The hillclimbs were referred to as the "Old Smokey Hillclimbs". It appears that Dick White may have been the financial source while Dab Collins was the service manager.

Kircher was general manager and one of the partners for DIM and he was noted as a driver in a number of races at the time. The dealership closed in There was a whole theme of market advertising using the MG TF silhouette as the basis of deals for chickens, plumbs, milk and other staples. Note that Grand Prix Motors was listed in business in the 90's and even today but its not certain that there is any affinity with the original dealership.

Arnolt also established Hoosier International Motors at E. Center Street, Warsaw, In. In addition to new cars, Hoosier also maintained a good selection of used cars of European make. The dealership was owned by Roger Barlow , who was race car driver too, a great promotor of the sports car concept and a bit of a Hollywood personality of his own. One of the largest car importers in the country. They were very big on race promotions and in getting the sports car accepted into the fabric of the Los Angeles celebrity scene in the early 's.

International Motors spun all sorts of other dealerships and performance tuning shops in Los Angeles, primarily because of the reported insincerity of its owner, Roger Barlow. Another interesting offspring from International Motors was world renown auto sport photographer Bernard Cahier. He took a job at International Motors with Roger Barlow. It was while selling European sports cars to wealthy Americans that Cahier was able to mix into the thriving postwar sports car scene in southern California, and made the acquaintance of fellow salesman, Phil Hill, and the mechanic Richie Ginther.

Cahier cut his teeth competing in an MG before he became involved in reporting on the sport. He and his new wife Joan moved to Paris in where he reported on the European racing events to many French and American publications. The "Tiffany of Automobile Dealers", was the way one satisfied customer described J.

Inskip was the premiere dealer and also the importer for the North Eastern United States. Not only did he sell these cars but was involved in making many custom made versions of these cars. Richter - Darwin Motors, In the dealership was only listed as Richter Motors. It was located at E. Richter Motors was the original creator of the now famous Moss Motors pickup truck. The dealership was owned by John H.

This was also the dealership that sold our MG TD to my father brand new in September of with an November delivery. According to my father it was a converted gas station which is fairly normal for early Nuffield dealers. One of the options for export customers was a program offered by Nuffield and later BMC, to purchase your car in your home country, take possession of it from a local British dealer such as University Motors LTD.

The new owner would purchase their car from their local dealer who would work with Nuffield or BMC to arrange for the customer to pickup their car at the British dealer. The factory would have the car all prepared for the customer. I understand that some customers arranged a factory tour but that was not standard. When the customer was done with their tour they would return the car to the British dealer and it would be prepared for shipment just as it would if it had been exported initially.

The customer was responsible to return the car on the agreed to date and to remove any of their personal items from the car. It would then be loaded on a ship along with other cars destined for the same distributor.

The local dealer they purchased the car from would then prepare it for local use change the headlamps for example and generally get it ready for its use in the export location just like they would with any other car from the factory. At this time any additional dealer options would be installed. It is assumed that the warranty actually started when the customer picked the car up from the factory but it is uncertain if the warranty was extended by the length of the shipping period.

Automobile shows in the US were initially created to inspire the public to move away from horse and carriages and public transportation to their own automobiles. The first car shows were held in in New York and continued for a number of decades up until World War II in most major cities in the United States. When production of cars was halted during World War II the shows ceased. Then after the war car sales were booming so there was less of a need for the shows.

However there was renewed interest in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles but driven mostly from the Detroit auto makers. Motorama to was the most notorious of these shows but shunned imports being sponsored by General Motors. In many of these shows import and sports cars were prohibited.

This forced the the Nuffield organization and other import car manufactures to create their own shows in the early 's. It was not until later in the decade that foreign cars were even considered in the more significant auto shows. Often the synergies for these shows were interesting. For example at the Hampton Roads show of it seemed the reasoning was more to increase shipping through the port than to actually sell automobiles.

The show featured British automobiles and motorcycles exclusively. This was because the Detroit based automobile shows refused to let the lessor engaged foreign automotive makers into the more popular shows. You can see the Nuffield brochure for the trade show on the brochures pages. In , looking to capitalize on the increasing interest in foreign cars nationwide, the Norfolk Port Authority organized the International Auto Show at the Norfolk Municipal Arena.

The authority figured increasing regional sales of foreign cars would lead to increased shipments through Hampton Roads ports.

This show was started in in San Francisco by Kjell Qvale to compete with the established domestic auto show which he felt treated imported car manufacturers unfairly. Ironically, the Import Car Show outdrew the domestic vehicle event forcing American manufacturers to go to Qvale and asked to be allowed to exhibit in his show. This event is not to be confused with the San Francisco Import Car Show, also originally held in This car show was in Los Angeles and also held in I cannot find the location nor can I determine if the event was ever held again.

This may be the same venue as the Los Angeles Auto Show. As the auto industry grew, the auto show changed venues four times throughout the s to accommodate the growing needs of vendors.

In , it took place at the corner of Hill and Washington where it stayed for the next four years. With the help of the community, the show re-opened one day later at the Shrine Auditorium. After the war the show resumed in at the Pan Pacific Auditorium. There were vehicles on display that year but now there were foreign cars from England, France and Italy along with the United States domestic brands.

Previously there were no foreign cars shown in the last show in This was attributed to the strong interest in foreign cars in Los Angeles and the emerging sports car craze dominating the area during that time. During the decade over half of the shows cars were imports and at the end of the decade the show was displaying over cars including seven foreign countries.

Later in they added International to the shows title to reflect the strong interest shown for the European cars. You can read about the history of the LA Auto Show here. Held in Los Angeles from to , the show mostly featured custom cars , local motorcycle and car accessory suppliers, dealers and clubs. It was originally to include aircraft and boats too but over time focused mostly on cars.

It was not a manufacturer based autoshow like we know today. Interestingly Moss Motors was one of the few exhibitors in the event. The event was held at the Shrine Convention Hall and then in it moved permanently to the Pan Pacific Auditorium. In it changed its name to the Motor Revue which included the Motorama. You can see all of the programs for these events here. Probably the most influential aspects to the popularity of the MG T series in the early 's was the parts, machine and performance shops that popped all over the country to supply enthusiasts with both parts and camaraderie.

Not only did they supply parts to enthusiasts who wanted to make car their cars unique and more competitive, they also filled an important social niche and provided a 'hang-out' where enthusiasts could mingle with their peers or emerging heros. The shops also provided advice and techniques to sports car owners who wanted to modify their cars beyond what the factory was willing to provide.

In later years many of these shops became the only source of T series parts once the importers decided to no longer stock parts for the out of date models. Roy Richter at the door of Bell Auto Parts, circa In the late 's Roy Richter built a race car from parts found in Bell's junk yard.

Roy and his young friends often 'hung out' in Georges shop which they thought was a haven. In , being concerned about the safety of the sport after a number of his friends die in crashes, Roy began to design and manufacture safer racing products.

Roy also attended many races with spare parts and set up tents for shade for the contestants such as at the first Bonneville National Speed Trials held at the Bonneville Salt Flats , Utah in Bell begins manufacturing its first helmet - the '' - in a garage located behind Bell Auto Parts.

Several members of the Lincoln Team, including and Indianapolis winner Bill Vukovich, wore the helmet during the Carrera Pan-American road race in Mexico.

BMA was located at S. Hollywood Way, Burbank, California. This was at the Warner Brothers studio. The shop was run by Tom Bamford and Keenan Wynn. In the son-in-laws of J. Inskip decided to change the name of the competition department of Inskip Motors to Competition Engineering. Soon after a separate building was opened to specialize on race car preparation and sports racing prototype development and testing.

The original Competition Engineering is a contract research and development company that was started in as an offshoot of the J. Competition Engineering began as a race prep shop for imported sports cars. Winning regional, national, and international driver's and constructor's championships with people like Sir Stirling Moss , Phil Hill , David Fenton, Jim Clark, Mark Donohue and other noted sports car drivers. Competition Engineering became one of the best-known race shops in the Northeast Atlantic states in the early s through the s.

Competition Engineering is also the oldest performance automotive consulting firm in the U. Competition Engineering is still in business today. More about Competition Engineering can be found here.

Secondo Guasti, from a family of California vintners, persuaded John Von Neumann to join him in a partnership on servicing imports, and they opened Competition Motors in North Hollywood. Beyond fixing MGs, the store then sold them, along with Simcas, and after von Neumann bought one from Max Hoffman and raced it, Porsches. Photo copyright Charlie Beesley.

Al was unemployed at the time and had gained considerable experience performing "exploratory surgery" on his own MG. He sold import parts and gave advice to fellow Southern Californians where were disenchanted with the local dealers. Lacking a sign to advertise the business, he simply parked his MG outside on busy Olympic Boulevard. Jack and Al were selling Allards during the early 's.

Ken Miles , who worked at Gough Industries , authorized Al's shop as the first MG Service Dealer which enabled Al to purchase parts at a discount, do warranty work and receive service bulletins. In Al moved his operations to Pico Boulevard, however, he soon outgrew this location and moved again, this time to Venice Beach, just west of Los Angeles.

By this time Al had ceased selling new cars and exclusively sold parts and serviced foreign sports cars, especially MG's. Al moved his shop to Goleta, CA in where he dedicated his operations to selling parts and accessories for MG cars.

A good history of Al Moss's early years and Moss Motors can be found at their website here. Parkhouse was one of the first factory authorized and trained repair facilities in the United States and featured a full machine shop on site. Their claim to fame was that they used genuine, British mechanics that had that "touch" that American mechanics did not possess.

They could handle up to sixteen cars at a time in their shop. They were also a official service depot for Lucas. You can see a brochure for Parkhouse Motors on the Brochures pages. Along with Breeze, all these individuals would leave their mark on the local racing scene. Breeze's Sports Car Center played a vital role in the growth of sports car racing in Northern California.

It offered a professional, knowledgeable business where racers and would be racers could get advice, parts, service, race-preparation or even a race car. The Sports Car Center was the forerunner of the many shops that would spring up around the San Francisco Bay Area, and included two young mechanics, one named Bob Winkleman, who later built the Winkleman Formula Fords and another named Peter Brock, later of Cobra and Datsun racing fame.

The logo for the SCC was inspired by Alfa's double overhead cam logo: In the early 's, and even into the 's, this created a huge demand and an opportunity for enterprising individuals who had an idea for a performance or aesthetic accessory for the cars.

Almost anyone and everyone started making and selling various add ons for the cars but a few companies provided accessories to a much larger audience, even worldwide. Arnolt realize that American MG owners needed quality accessories for their vehicles so he established Autocessories Ltd. The line included Shorrock Superchargers , Volkes filters, Borrani wire wheels, dashboard assist grips, mirrors, ashtrays, Arno-Lite driving lamps, racing radiator caps, aluminum valve and side covers etc.

Arnolt also made a sports car heater with a 12 volt electric fan using piped radiator water. Jefferson and Eastlake Dr.

H-C delivered custom made accessories for the MG T's. These included custom made tonneau and spare tire covers, badge bars and lamps, a foldable luggage rack that fit against the spare when not in use but otherwise sat above the spare tire like the factory rack did. They also sold car covers. Another novel item were custom bumpers that extended beyond the car and had a different profile than the original bumpers.

Additionally they sold air cleaners, valve and inspection covers, side mirrors and dash grips. They sold MG accessories during the early 's. They also advertised a mailing address at Santa Monica Blvd. Runyan was one of the more prolific accessory manufactures. They sold full tonneau covers, both soft and hard tops, spare tire covers, foldable luggage racks, luggage boots or lockers, arm rests, ash trays, wire wheels, wheel covers, valve covers, wind wings, grills, air cleaners, steering wheels just to name some of their line.

They would also custom make tops, tonneau and spare tire covers at their locations for those who lived in the LA area. Runyan sold the Doretti line of accessories too. Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles.

The made accessories for the MG T's that were a bit novel for the time. One of their specialties was using Lucite for not only windwings but for hand grips as well. They also sold and oversized rear view mirror and a custom upholstered radio box that fit on top of the transmission tunnel.

Some were race car drivers, dealers, importers, mechanics, accessory manufactures or combinations of these. This list is not all inclusive and individuals will be added as their stories are identified.

He took college engineering courses with the goal of working for a car company, despite the Great Depression. During that time Arnolt developed an inboard marine engine called the Sea-Mite, which was one-third lighter than other engines of equal horsepower.

On a thick foggy morning in September , with one of his engines affixed to a foot boat, Arnolt left St. Fighting waves and fog, he made the trip in four hours. Boatmen along Navy Pier shook their heads in disbelief, stating that he had more nerve than they did.

He was greeted through the still thick morning fog with, "Hallo there, Wacky! Thereafter, he was known as "Wacky" Arnolt. Arnolt became a Chicago industrialist, who began importing foreign cars in the s to the United States. From a start with one product and a handful of employees, Stanley Arnolt built a far-reaching company that made components of products as diverse as defense equipment and dinette sets.

It also owned parts of enterprises as varied as a newspaper and a coconut plantation, both in Mexico. In addition to being an industrialist, Arnolt was also a designer, builder and driver of racing cars. He designed a car, which he named the Arnolt-Bristol, with a Bristol chassis and an exclusive Bertone of Turin coach works body. The Arnolt sports car was introduced in in a race at Elkhart Lake , Wisconsin, and premiered at the International Motor Exposition in London in Wacky Arnolt was a vibrant, dynamic industrialist with a vision far ahead of his time.

An unidentified newspaper article states, " While he was an engineering, sales and organizational genius - a serious-minded businessman who built an international industrial and sales empire, he never lost the boyish enthusiasm, the flair of showmanship, and the daring to try the unknown.

Stanley Arnolt was known for his sports-car racing. Ghean Arnolt was a woman in a man's world she had never sought out, thrust into it by sad circumstances. When her husband, Stanley "Wacky" Arnolt, died in , she found herself in charge of S. Arnolt's tenure, the firm became more centralized and focused on making the tailhooks that allowed airplanes to land safely on aircraft carriers, her son said.

She sold the companies in , and they were later resold and dissolved, he said. David Ash was a prolific race car driver at Linden Field , Watkins Glen and other notable tracks in the early 's. He was a regular and distinguished competitor at Sebring , America's premier race. David began racing at Linden Field in when he jumped into a MGTD and joined the race because the car's driver was underage and too young to be in the race. At one point David wrecked his TD in a race at Watkins Glen and he could not afford to replace it so he had Motto of Italy put a body on it.

It turned out to be such a great car that they built two more just like it. It is rumored that the blocks and heads of these engines actually had separate cooling systems.

Between and , David earned the title of "Mr. MG'', as the only driver to start and finish five twelve-hour-long endurance races at Sebring in five tries. He also set numerous "land speed" records on the Bonneville Salt Flats in David later pursued a career in automotive journalism.

Ken Miles his later Service Manager , would beat them every time though. Roger Barlow was a documentary filmmaker with connections to the Hollywood insiders and a very early promotor of MG's in the US. In he made a trip to Europe to visit the MG Car Company and Zagoto of Italy in order to create a new custom made car with an special purpose MG chassis based on Y or the new TD and hand crafted Italian coachwork by Zagato, Castagna and Farina in both two seater and four seater coupes. His target was the Hollywood types in Los Angeles.

Rumor has it that the cars were a bit clunky and its uncertain if the supercharger was ever added and if it made a difference. Shortly thereafter Barlow was selling Jaguars and other higher performance and luxurious sports cars to his celebrity clientele. International Motors was also a distributor for Mercedes Benz and Jaguar. As the story goes, Roger skipped off to Mexico with the deposits. I could never understand why he would leave a gold mine agency for some deposit money, but it was the case.

If he were an employee, instead, he was stealing the owner's and customer's money. After his flight the agency shut down.

If he were only an employee, then the business insurance would have covered the loss, and the true owner could remain in business. Excerpts from the SCCA website. Bill Norwood Breeze was born in San Francisco four years after the great earthquake of He began his relationship with automobiles at the early age of fourteen when he purchased an old, open-top touring car with a friend.

Breeze was initially employed by Crocker Bank in San Francisco but with his interest in all sorts of mechanical things, he decided to change careers and became a machinist, a job he kept through World War II. After the war, with his enthusiasm for cars undaunted, he became friends with Kjell Qvale.

From this point forward, Breeze would become an active racer and club official whose guidance and influence would help spur the growth of sports car racing in the area. In the spring of , Bill Breeze won a car race in his MG-TC on the oval track at the San Jose Speedway and, while not a road race, it was the first organized race won by a sports car in the area. Breeze was actively involved in club planning and helped organize and participated in what is recognized as the first road race in the Western U.

With the success of the first two races at Buchanan Field , there was a desire to add more events to the schedule so Breeze and the SFR Board organized the first race held at Pebble Beach on November 5, Breeze was elected to the position of Regional Executive in and and it was under his leadership the region staged the most successful sports car event on the West Coast for years to come, the races in Golden Gate Park.

He suffered a broken arm and with four small children and a wife at home, the decision was made to retire as a driver. However, this only shifted his involvement in racing from being a driver to a businessman. Floyd Clymer was a auto enthusiast and a publisher based in California.

Floyd and his publishing company, Floyd Clymer Publications, cranked out hundreds of cheap automotive related titles in the 's and 60's that were quickly consumed by any and all who seeked out information on the sports car movement and automobiles of the era. He single-handedly help promote the idea that a common person could be engaged in the trendy movement just by reading his publications.

He was probably the most prolific publisher of automobilia of his day. He published literally hundreds of these titles every year for many years. A lot of them were repair manuals for various old cars. He was a salesman, and he was extraordinarily famous all over the United States and much of Europe, for his hundreds and hundreds of titles.

More about Floyd Clymer can be found here. Thatcher Darwin was an early hot rod and racing pioneer in Los Angeles in the 30's. Thatcher was also the general manager of the dealership. Thatcher built a custom hot rod known as the Darwin special that won a lot of races and is still around today being entered in vintage events see photo on the right.

Thatcher was a long time secretary of the SCTA and other racing groups and was instrumental in protecting the hot rodding culture from prohibitive political actions that would have restricted land speed racing and hot rodding in California.

Right after the war, the California legislature was considering statutes that would make hot rodding illegal. He traveled to Sacramento by train, standing up most of the night, in order to get there to defend hot rodding. The motion was going to pass when comments were invited. He stood and addressed the committee and told them about the contributions that hot rodders had made during WWII, how they extracted performance out of their machines, and repaired machinery under wartime conditions, making the difference in winning the war.

They listened to his story and tabled the motion. I think Thatcher found out about the motion and Wally Parks sent him to the capital. He was a good friend and built a really fun car. Much of his spare time was spent at the wheel of an MG TD with 27 painted on the door.

Gus Ehrman rejoined the Inskip organization in late as the corporation's final and only non-family member President. Gus was a renowned Sebring racer during the MGA period. When he was released from the service he had some money saved and thought it would be good to buy a car and drive it home.

Originally he was thinking about buying a Studebaker but then thought about checking out the new MG TD. The guy at the MG dealer's wouldn't let me drive one of the MGs in the showroom, but he did take me for a ride in his TC.

Ellmers joined the Cleveland Sport Car Club in He was so disgusted he sold it on the spot. Besides, he didn't have a tow bar. Above taken from They Started in MGs: In he was the first to exceed mph in a light car. In the 11 peacetime years between and he set over international and local speed records throughout England, Europe and the USA. In at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, with his supercharged MG streamliner EX car he obtained 6 international and 10 American records in the 1,cc to 1,cc engine class.

In a few races he used borrowed MG TD's. He raced a number of them until about or 54 when he decide to switch over to Porches. He was under the impression that the Porsche cars were indestructible but after the Hirth crankshaft went out he decided to go back to MG's and picked up a '54 TF. While other drivers trailered their specially tuned, and probably street illegal cars to the races, Cal drove his.

He drove back and forth to the Watkins Glen race. In he moved over to Jaguars until he finished racing in Picture to the right of Cal Gleason at the Watkins Glen race. Hill dropped out to become a mechanic's helper at Roger Barlows International Motors dealership in Hollywood and later, after he became locally famous as a sports car racer, selling cars for Roger.

In , after both his parents died and left him money, he bought a 2. By the mid s he had become America's best sports car racer. The engine had been tuned slightly higher and now produced hp. Phil Hill took the car to a top speed of More about Phil Hill can be found at this website. Phil Hill did a vast interview and narration for Sports Illustrated in that can be found here.

Inskip was named after his grandfather, John S. Inskip , the famous evangelical Methodist preacher and founder of the National Camp Meeting Association for the Promotion of Holiness.

Inskip started Competition Engineering as the performance arm of Inskip Motors. All through the 's, J. Inskip and his associated companies proposed, promoted, designed, and helped organize and build some of the earliest race tracks in the US.

The first such event was held in October 26th of They used volunteer labor from the Air Force and the thought was that having the event at the air bases would help them promote new recruits. At the time re-enlistment in the armed services was declining. The program was short lived but it provided the foundation to help the SCCA move from road racing which was being shut down almost everywhere do to safely issues and also change the public's impression of sports cars and sports car racing as elitist and only for the wealthy.

Otto started his own business as Speedcraft Enterprises in in Exton, Pennsylvania and built new facilities in Devon, Pennsylvania in Racing was good advertising for his sports car and performance business. Uncle Tom is recognized as the father of the automotive road test.

The generations of automotive journalists that have followed him in the business of reporting on cars will likely never match the zany, outrageous prose that became his trademark.

McCahill, who died in , was a correspondent for Mechanix Illustrated magazine, which ended its run in the 's. During his tenure, which began in , he performed more than road tests.

McCahill relied only on his stopwatch and measured miles he'd staked out in New Jersey, Florida and California, marking them only with splashes of paint to keep their locations secret. He was the first automotive writer to record the now-standard mph acceleration time. Don Chaikin, now automotive editor at Popular Mechanics magazine, was a McCahill contemporary early in his career. As he remembered, "At his peak, his stuff was brilliant.

Mechanix Illustrated never publicly acknowledged his death, because his name was synonymous with it, he was the franchise, and they didn't want to admit he was gone. Some things to include are:. Back Forms Fees Packets. Back Cancelled Court Dates. Back Fire Protection Paramedics. It is essential that all members remember that, in the execution of their duties, they act not for themselves but for the good of the public.

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Cafeteria Court is the window in the court office where you can plead guilty to a ticket without appearing in court. Are all equipment violations dismissed? Sound, brakes and no headlight violations are not dismissible. Where is the Town Court located? Do not enter the doors in the center of the building for court as you will only be told to exit the building and go to the next set of doors. The town prosecutor is a member of the Office of the Town Attorney who prosecutes traffic violations and non-criminal offenses.

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Candidates must be a U. Fingerprints are taken by the department Monday through Friday between 8: We do not take fingerprints for a pistol permits, you must contact the Erie County Pistol Permit Bureau for additional information For other fingerprinting requests you must make an appointment with the Detective Bureau by calling When can garbage be put out for pick-up?

Garbage can be placed out no earlier than 7: When do garbage cans have to be removed from the curb? Garbage cans must be removed from the curb no later than 7: How do I dispose of an old refrigerator? How can I obtain a handicap parking permit? Once the application is completed, it may be returned to the Police Department Records Bureau for processing. Permits are issued to Town of Tonawanda residents only. What are the ages for a junior operators license in New York? In New York, junior operators licenses are for and year-olds Can a person with a junior operators license drive after 9: Different counties have different rules.

In Erie County, the supervising driver must be at least 18 years of age with a license of the same class. This person must also be in a position of "Loco Parentis," meaning a guardian or relative technically not a friend.

What is the rule for school functions regarding junior operators licenses? Those with junior operators licenses are allowed to drive to and from school for instruction, education or training. Is a school club a valid reason to drive after 9: No a school club is not a valid reason to drive after 9: Who must be riding with a driver that possesses a learners permit?

A person at least 18 years of age with a license in the same class as the vehicle being operated must ride along with a driver possessing a learners permit. How is a motorcycle operator that possesses a motorcycle learners permit supervised by a licensed operator? The licensed operator can either supervise as a passenger on the motorcycle or in another vehicle.

Does the learning motorcycle driver have to remain in view of the supervisor? Yes, the learning motorcycle driver must remain in view of the supervisor. What do you mean by moped class? A moped is placed in a class based on its maximum attainable speed. Can I drive a moped without a helmet or insurance? You can drive a moped without a helmet or insurance only if it is a class "C. To obtain an Order of Protection in the Town of Tonawanda Justice Court, you must sign a complaint charging another party with a crime.

When you sign the complaint in the Detective Bureau you should make your request known to the detective so the family protection registry form TTP can be filled out ahead of time, and accompany your complaint to court. How do i know if an Order Of Protection was served? Kenney slammed eight kills in all with six digs while Hackford earned 29 assists, three digs and two kills. The Cardinals will return to the court at 1 p.

MIT 15 Next Poll: Gail finished the week with 43 kills, three assists, 10 digs and three block assists with a. Jake Siwy West Seneca, N. Siwy recorded 10 digs in a five-set victory over St. John Fisher and added seven digs with two service aces in a win against Hiram. Siwy totaled 17 digs, two service aces and two assists on the week. On Sunday against Hiram, Pat recorded a team high 13 kills and six digs, tying for the team lead with four blocks.

He added a service ace in the team's win against Hiram, their second win in their last three matches. His 13 kills marks the seventh time that Pat has recorded double-digit kills this season. He was second in hitting percentage. In the first ever meeting between these two programs Hiram took set one, but it was Medaille who rolled with three straight wins after to take the match , , , After a tightly contested fir set went the Terriers way, set two started just as set one had.

Neither team let the other run away as a lead for Medaille was the largest for either team halfway through the set. Hiram knotted things up at 14 after a Maverick service error; however, that is when they Mavs buckled down and took control.

Medaille went on to score 11 of the final 16 points, turning what was a competitive set into a comfortable victory. While the Mavericks were able to run away with set number two, set number three was a battle until the very end. For the second straight match, the Mavs found themselves playing in a set where the victor needed more than 25 points to claim it. With the lead heading into the fourth set, the Mavericks didn't want to let Hiram gain any confidence going into a potential fifth and final set.

A run in the middle of the set helped the Mavs turn a deficit into a advantage, as the Mavericks rode that momentum all the way to a match clinching victory. Mary's of Lancaster Medaille ended the match with a team hitting average of. Friday sees the Mavs kick things off with matches against St. John Fisher and Lasell College. D'Youville led early in the first set of the match, holding a lead over Hiram.

The Terriers would come back and tie the score at before the Spartans would go on a run and then eventually take a lead. That momentum continued for D'Youville through the end of the set as they won the first Hiram took the lead early in the second set and went up over D'Youville. However the Spartans would tie it at and then take an advantage. The two teams battled to a tie before D'Youville scored the final three points and took the second set After trailing to begin the third, the Terriers would fight their way back to tie the score at before taking a lead.

That advantage grew to three at , but the Spartans would answer and tie the set at Tied at 22, D'Youville would again score the final three points in the set and take the third and final set and the match Francis with a team high three service aces.

Both Khadra and Stroh each had four blocks to lead the team. The next match for the men comes next Saturday, February 17 as they travel to Keuka to play the Wolfpack at Kean 3, Wilkes 0 Nick Buseski totaled a match-high six kills and a. Steven Zarzycki totaled five kills, while Jacob Milnazik and Kamil Garbowski each tallied four kills apiece. Jonathan Meyer and Zach Gerken combined for 26 assists as Kean improved to The Cougars tallied double-digit kills and above a.

Kean 3, Arcadia 0 Ian Capp totaled a match-high eight kills, four digs, and three aces as the Cougars swept the host Knights of Arcadia in straight sets.

Jared Warner finished with six kills and a. Meyer and Gerken combined for 24 assists in the victory. The Cougars dominated the opening set and used late runs to pull away in sets two and three. In fact, Kean complied a.

The Hawks got off to a quick start against the top ranked Pride thanks to a highlight play from sophomore setter Matthew Grace diving away from the net and pushing a back set to Aaron Carrk who put the ball past the block to push the score to However, that's when Springfield College hit their stride and went on an tear to take a lead. The Hawks continued to fight back and eventually brought it back to a two point game down , but they were unable to complete the comeback and fell The second set was controlled from the opening serve by the Pride and after jumping out to a lead, SUNY New Paltz was unable to claw their way back into the set and found themselves down two sets to none.

The Hawks had come back from two sets down once before this season against Stevenson University, so they knew what it would take to make the improbable comeback. The Pride were able to over come the early deficit, but a kill from senior co-captain Ryan Cole knotted up the must-win set at Unfortunately, Springfield took back control of the set and up they were able to close out the set and match Senior co-captain Anthony Bonilla returned to the court for the Hawks for the first time this season, but only as a defensive specialist and the offense didn't quite have enough firepower to overtake the Pride.

It was a balanced attack as four players recorded at least five kills, but with a team hitting percentage of. Grace posted a match-high 27 assists in the loss. The Hawks return to the court for their home opener on Wednesday, Feb.

Balanced Attack Leads No. Wiles and Safley combined for 18 kills and a. A total of 14 players saw action in the contest for the Saints, including junior James Knight who had a season-high four kills off the bench. Sophomore Joseph Zanelotti had a career-high 22 assists to go along with five digs. Senior Connor Choate had a match-high eight digs.

The Saints jumped out to a lead in the first set as six different players each had a kill. Marymount led in the second before a quick run by Thiel pulled it within two, The Saints pushed the to six at , but once again, the Tomcats came back to within two, However, a kill by senior Ben Steranka sealed the deal.

Thiel , CVC took the early lead in the third at before Marymount scored the next three points to tie it From there, the two teams would battle back and forth until the Saints went in front by three, Holding a advantage, Marymount finished the sweep on a service error by the Tomcats.

The , , , , victory not only made a statement after the shaky start to the season for the Hawks, but also set up a rematch of last year's national championship match against Springfield Saturday at 8 p. Prior to the match SUNY New Paltz coach Radu Petrus told his team there was no special game plan or strategy for them to upend the Division I opponent, but to just think about it as another game and a chance to play well and a chance to win.

The Hawks embraced the underdog mentality against the Crimson, but after a lopsided first set loss it looked like Harvard was going to dominate. The lead was too much for Harvard to mount a comeback against and a Smith kill from sophomore setter Matthew Grace sealed the second set at With the match tied at one set a-piece, the Hawks got off to a rocky start following a Carrk missed serve to put them down early in the set.

At it was Bradley Schneider's turn to step for SUNY New Paltz as he rocketed an ace past the Crimson serving line to tie up the set and then Smith and Grace teamed up yet again to give the Hawks a one-point lead. After more back-and-forth play, back-to-back kills from Schneider pushed the score to and then an O'Malley service ace forced a Harvard timeout. SUNY New Paltz found itself with two set points at , but two errors from the Hawks allowed the Crimson back into the game with the score knotted up at 24 in the pivotal third set.

Senior co-captain Ryan Cole put the ball away out of the middle to give the team their third set point, and this time they were able to capitalize off an attack error from Harvard's Erik Johnsson. The Hawks entered the fourth set with a chance to close out the match and midway through the set neither team were able to make a substantial run on their serve to take a lead and the set was tied at However, Harvard made its run and forced a fifth and deciding set.

With the final set being played to 15, it was vital not to get down early for the underdog Hawks and they did just that, taking an lead halfway through the set. Grace was the lone setter for the Hawks and posted an astounding 53 assists.

Grace's top three targets on the day were Carrk, Smith, and O'Malley, who recorded 16, 14, and 13 kills, respectively. The match will follow the consolation matchup between Harvard University and Stevenson University and is slated for an 8 p. With the decision, the Saints move to overall, while remaining unbeaten at in CVC play. Playing a big key in knocking off the reigning CVC Champion was Bratke with his 58 assists, which marks the fifth highest mark this season in Division III in a five-set match.

Senior TJ Wiechecki also marked a similar feat for the day, notching a match-high 23 kills for the second time this season.

His 23 kills for tonight's five-set match marked the sixth most this season in Division III, while his 23 kills against No. Also going off for double-digit kill nights were senior Ben Steranka 10 , junior Eric Wiles 10 and sophomore Sam Safley As a team, the Saints hit. Sophomore Joseph Zanelotti added 3 aces on the night. Trading sets until the deciding set, Marymount came out firing with eight kills on 11 attempts with just one error, notching an impressive.

On the defensive end, senior libero Connor Choate dove out for a match-high 10 digs. First serve is set for 9: John Fisher Despite losing two-set advantage, Medaille outlasts in five sets medaillesports. After a start in The Clash at Kean from January 26thth, the Mavericks were hoping the long break and a return to the home court of the Sullivan Center would spark an inspiring performance to build off of. Medaille got off to a wonderful start in the first stanza, as the team won their first set of the season after nine previous attempts.

The Mavericks jumped out to the early set advantage by a score of Winning proved contagious as Medaille made it two straight victories, besting St.

John in the second set by four The Mavericks found themselves in rare territory to this point here on the young season; with a chance to close out a clean sweep for a victorious evening. The third set took extra time, stretching past the point milestone as it became a win-by-two scenario once the two squads battled evenly through standard scoring procedures. In a pressure-filled, sweat-inducing third stanza, St. John Fisher prevailed when all was said and done by a score of which kept them alive for the time being.

John Fisher made the most of their opportunity, as they rode the momentum of a pivotal set three victory en route to a victory in the fourth set. In an unfortunate turn of events, Medaille's set advantage had suddenly evaporated. Up came a decisive, win-or-go-home fifth set in the "Sully". John Fisher's best efforts to complete the comeback, Medaille said "not today", as the Mavericks gathered their focus and dispatched Fisher in the final set by a final of The victory propels Medaille into the win column for the first time this season, in dramatic fashion.

Mary's of Lancaster who tallied a team-high 15 kills; Dempsey's 49 helpers paced Medaille, and his 11 digs was best on this night as well. The game will be played at D'Youville College, however. First serve is slated for Nazareth 17; Elms 15; Eastern Mennonite 12; Elmira 10; Endicott 10 One team mentioned on only one ballot for a total of one combined point.

In the opener, the trio of sophomore Sam Safley, senior TJ Wiechecki and junior Eric Wiles combined for 52 of the team's 60 kills against the Cougars while posting a.

Safley totaled a career-high 19 kills while Wiles had a career-high 15, equaling the mark he set in a win at Thiel on Feb. The first set featured 16 ties and three lead changes. Trailing , Kean scored the final three points, two of which came on Marymount errors. In the second, Safley totaled five of the team's nine kills on five attempts with no errors as the Saints never trailed and led by as many as seven to even the match up at one set apiece.

The Cougars scored four of the first six points in the third before Marymount answered with four-straight to take a lead which it would never relinquish. Wiechecki had eight of his 18 kills in the third and hit. The Saints totaled 19 kills in the third and hit. Marymount jumped out to an advantage in the fourth set and led by as many as 11, totaling 16 kills and a.

Wiechecki had seven kills and hit. Senior Connor Choate had a match-high eight digs while Bratke added seven and senior Ben Steranka had three block assists. Wiechecki totaled 17 kills, four digs and three service aces against Lancaster Bible as the Saints improved to in three-set matches this season. Junior Remington Shahan added 10 kills while hitting. Safley had eight kills and Wiles added six. Marymount begins and eight game road trip next Friday when it travels to Juniata for a CVC contest beginning at 6 p.

It was a match that saw Fort Wayne push Penn State to its limit, but the Nittany Lions rallied from behind in a critical third-set victory to shift the momentum and close out the match a set later. Amid some serving some miscues Saturday, it wasn't enough to prevent Penn State from coming away with a victory. For the second night in a row though, Penn State showed some tremendous grit, particularly in sets one and three.

The Nittany Lions trailed late in both of these frames but battled all the way back to win in extra points behind some tough blocking and defense. McLaren also had the hot hand on the outside for Penn State, finishing with 13 kills and two service aces. With the departure of last season's leading outside hitter, Chris Nugent, McLaren has taken on a much larger role and has blossomed into a terrific offensive option for the Nittany Lions this season.

It's nice to have someone like that on the court. One of those adjustments came in inserting outside hitter Lee Smith into the lineup in set number two for Aidan Albrecht, who was hitting just. Smith, who has not seen much time this season coming off an injury, finished with four kills and hit. Lee came off the bench and settled down our passing and I think from then on he really helped funnel the energy and intensity into the group. Their blocking really began to take control of the match at that point, as they finished with 13 blocks as a team and held Fort Wayne to a.

Penn State's middles, Kevin Gear. You can always count on him to really play his game," Smith said. First serve is scheduled for 7 p. Nazareth moves to on the season with the victories. The Golden Flyers will next be in action Wednesday, for their home-opener, hosting Elmira College at 7 p. The Golden Flyers shook off some cob webs from the first two sets to put together their best attacking set in the third, at. Nazareth had three players with double-figure kills in the match, spearheaded by Zachary Gillard's Freshman Antonio Sargent was good for 12 kills on 20 attempts, while Kane Wittorff put down 11 kills.

Sean Dillon had five of Nazareth's 16 blocks in the match. Jake Kemp contributed 43 assists, seven digs and four blocks. Jacob Gleason had a career-high 12 digs. Nazareth made quick work of Medaille in its second match of the day on an efficient attack of. Gillard was the lone Golden Flyer in double-digit kills with 12 on 17 attempts, followed by Joe Crosby with seven.

Dillon and Wittorff each chipped in five kills to Nazareth's total. Luis Vazquez led the Golden Flyers with seven digs. Spartans Split Saturday Matches at St. D'Youville began their match with a first set victory over St. John Fisher, followed by a second set victory. The Spartans closed out the match with a third set win, avenging a loss to the Cardinals two weeks prior. Francis also added three blocks.

In the second match of the day, the Spartans fell to the Golden Flyers Nazareth won the match with the scores of , , and Stroh again led the team with seven kills followed by six kills from Khadra. Stroh and Zeiger each had a team high six digs. The next set of matches for the men will come on Sunday, February 11 as they host Thiel, Hiram, and Medaille in a quad-match.

D'Youville will play Thiel at Standing in the photo: The tournament was held in Rochester on Jan. Forty teams from the region traveled to participate in the event.

NFVB won the tie-breaker, thus giving them the tournament championship. This is the second tournament win for the team, as they played in the Can-Am tournament in West Seneca the previous weekend and lost in the final match. That was played at the Buffalo Niagara Court Center.

Twenty-four teams from Canada and as far away as Syracuse traveled to participate in the tournament. The 18 Navy Team was the victor, winning in straight sets. The Hawks entered the contest on 10 days rest after dropping a straight-set decision to No. SUNY New Paltz jumped out to a quick lead in the opening set with sophomore setter Matthew Grace distributing the ball to multiple offensive weapons as four different players recorded a kill in the opening 15 points.

The Hawks never looked back and ran away with the opening set thanks to a couple highlight plays from Grace. Up SUNY New Paltz passed a ball dangerously close to the net, but Grace was able to elevate and deliver a one-handed back-set to Aaron Carrk who easily put the ball away as the Road Runners were completely fooled by Grace's play.

The following point Carrk gave a tough jump serve to Ramapo College who over-passed the serve and Grace jumped up to pound the ball back at the unsuspecting defense of Ramapo. The Roadrunners came out firing in the second set and traded points with the Hawks to up to , but with three service errors from Ramapo College and three kills from Nick Smith in the next 15 points the Hawks were able to pull ahead midway through the set.

Smith had the hot hand for the Hawks in set two tallying six kills and one service ace to help seal a victory. One set away from the sweep, SUNY New Paltz wasn't going to give the Roadrunners any breathing room and never trailed in the final set. Nick Denoncourt assisted on two blocks to open the scoring in the third set for the Hawks and then backed up his defensive prowess with a kill out of the middle to push the lead to After a mini-run by Ramapo College, Grace once again relied on a balanced attack to push the lead back up.

Although it was an impressive performance from the Hawks, head coach Radu Petrus knows there still needs to be improvement to get his team to the level they want to be at. We've been without Anthony Bonilla, so maybe once he comes back he can give us the extra boost we need.

Sophomore libero Robert Nolan ran the back line posting a match-high seven kills. The Medaille Men's Volleyball team didn't get much time to rest after last night's match against 11 Marymount University, as they were right back in action this morning for day two of the Clash at Kean.

Match one of the day saw the Mavs face off against the Lasers of Lasell at Set one against Lasell was a tightly contested one, as both sides looked to pick up their first win of the season.

The Lasers drew first blood on the morning; however, the Mavs didn't let Lasell run away with any easy points. In fact the first set was tied up on six different occasions, the latest of which saw a kill by Matt Buss Hamburg, NY, Frontier knot things up at Medaille trailed by as little as one at , but the Lasers used a run to close out the opening set with a win.

Lasell used that late run to gain momentum going into set number two, jumping out to an early lead. The Medaille deficit got to as high as six, when Andy Henriquez' kill made it Lasers, but the Mavs slowly chipped away to get back in it. It seemed as if the Mavs had finally snatched the momentum out from under Lasell, unfortunately a quick run earned it right back for the Lasers as they took set two The third set played out just as the first two had, with Medaille hanging in there with the pre-season number 16 team in the nation.

The Lasers never led by more than eight, and the Mavs used a huge run in the middle of the set to cut the deficit to ; but the comeback took just too much out of the Mavs as they fell in straight sets Nine different Mavericks earned at least one kill against Lasell, with Patterson leading the way with nine.

Ebert wasn't far behind with seven, while Dempsey dished out 26 assists in the loss. Set one bore little fruit for the Mavericks, as they fell early The second set was close all the way through, but unfortunately Medaille dropped it as well by a final of The third and final set of the afternoon, and the tournament, for the Mavericks was an all too familiar finish for the blue and gold; a loss spelled yet another sweep at the hands of their opposition.

Now , NEAC on the season, and in terms of overall set performance, Medaille looks to wipe the slate clean and hit practice hard in an effort to hit the ground running by the time their first home tilt kicks off a couple of Tuesdays from now. As previously mentioned, Medaille will now rest, reflect and prepare for their next matchup; a home swing on Tuesday, February 6th against St.

First serve is set for 7: It was a very even first set at the two teams were tied at before Behrend took a The Spartans came back to trail by two at and then , but the Lions would go on to win the first set After trailing , D'Youville came back to tie the set at The teams remained in a deadlock at , , and Behrend finally took the lead at before the Spartans scored 2 of the next three points to trail However the Lions would hold on to score the next two points and win the second set Behrend was out in front in the third before the Spartans battled back to tie it at The Lions pulled away again at but D'Youville came back to took the lead Tied at 23, Behrend held a lead and was on the brink of winning the match, but the Spartans tied the match and took at lead.

Despite being within a point of winning the set two times, the Lions tied it up each time and would go on to win the third set and the match All eight Spartans contributed to the team in their match against the Lions. The next pair of matches for the Spartans will come this Saturday, February 3 as they play St. John Fisher at Both matches will be played at St. John Fisher College men's volleyball team jumped back into play at the Hiram College Invitational, winning both its matches on the day.

First, the Cardinals took down the hosting Hiram Terriers, then moving on to defeat Penn State Behrend in a thrilling set dual. With the wins, Fisher moved to on the season, while Hiram fell to and Penn State Behrend dropped to After dropping the first set, Fisher rallied back and took the next three sets in a back-and-forth match with the Terriers of Hiram.

The Cardinals outdueled the Terriers on the playmaking end, with the Cardinals setting up 40 assists, compared to the Terriers Paul Hackford set up 34 plays, notching as many assists in the match. Hackford also added 12 total digs in the match on the defensive end, with David Cerqua and Matt Broderick adding 11 and seven digs apiece.

In the second match of the day, the Cardinals dropped the first set, but came back to win the next two sets, putting Fisher up two sets to one. However, the Lions would come back to win the fourth set, forcing a fifth and final deciding set. Penn State Behrend would rally back from a deficit, knotting the set at 13 apiece, however Fisher would prevail winning the set and taking the match. De La Cruz led the charge for the Cardinals with 16 kills in the match. Cahil and Strumpfler would add 13 and nine kills respectively.

Strumpfler would have nine total blocks. Hackford would go off again for the Cardinals, registering 39 assists in the match, accumulating an impressive total of 73 assists combined for the day. On the defensive end, Cerqua would total 20 digs, with Tyler Richards adding Fisher returns to the hardwood at 12 p. Athletic Center against D'Youville College. D'Youville Drops Two at Elmira athletics.

The host Soaring Eagles took the first match of the day , , , and In the second match of the day, D'Youville again fell but this time to Cairn with the scores of , , , and Stroh again registered a double-double with 14 kills and 11 digs and Khadra tied Stroh for the team lead with 14 kills, his career high. The Ramblers have knocked off four nationally ranked foes this season, including a pair of top 10 teams.

From there, the contest was back-and-forth until Collin Mahan hammered home one of his team-high 19 kills and Garrett Zolg served an ace to provide the Ramblers with a thrilling victory. Both teams came out of the gates quickly and were incredibly efficient in set one as Loyola hit. The Ramblers wasted little time taking a comfortable lead in set two, scoring the first four points, and six of the first seven, including three more kills from Mahan, to dart out to a advantage.

That lead grew to as many as 12 points on a pair of occasions, the first coming on a Ricky Gevis kill that made it , and Loyola would roll to a victory. CSUN stayed alive in the match thanks to a win in the third set.

The Matadors snapped a all tie by stringing together a run, highlighted by a pair of Dimitar Kalchev kills, to grab a lead they would not surrender. Set four was nearly a repeat of the second set as Loyola got a pair of aces from Devin Joslyn and kills from Mahan and Jendryk, as part of a set-opening run that stunned CSUN. The Matadors would eventually trim the Ramblers' lead down to two, but Joslyn delivered a pair of kills in a mini spurt that extended the Loyola advantage to From that point forward, CSUN would get no closer than three points and the Ramblers would lead by as many as nine on their way to a decision.

Gevis continued his impressive play this weekend by crushing 16 kills, his most since February 14, , hitting at a. Jendryk was efficient again, totaling 12 kills, two blocks and an ace, while hitting. Up Next Loyola continues its nine-match homestand when hosts No. Tomcats Defeat Spartans in Five Sets athletics.

The Spartans went up early over the Tomcats with a win in the first set. However Thiel came back with scores of and in the second and third sets to take a lead. D'Youville fought to keep the match alive with a victory in the third set. It was very close in the fifth with the Tomcats narrowly edging out the Spartans with a victory for a match win.

The next two matches for the Spartans will come tomorrow, Saturday, January 27 as they play Elmira at The win is the Ramblers' third over a nationally ranked foe already this season and extends their winning streak to three matches.

How It Happened Loyola rallied from a deficit, scoring seven of the final eight points of set one for an improbable victory. UC Santa Barbara claimed a two-point lead late in set two on a Brandon Hopper kill, but much like set one, Loyola showed its resolve, wrapping up the action on a run for a victory and a two-set lead in the match.

With the teams locked in a stalemate at 21, Jendryk hammered home a kill and Ricky Gevis followed with a service ace to put the Ramblers ahead to stay. The Gauchos put together their best effort of the match in set three, hitting. A UCSB hitting error allowed Loyola to knot the score at 17, but the Gauchos then ripped off eight of the next nine points, sealing the win on a Corey Chavers kill. Set four was a nip-and-tuck affair most of the way until Loyola pulled away late for a decision.

After UCSB pulled within a single tally, at , Jendryk delivered back-to-back kills, followed by another from Joslyn, as part of a decisive run that provided the Ramblers with some breathing room on their way to their fourth win at Gentile Arena this year. Gevis, who has been slowly working his way back into form after surgery last season, put together his best match of the year, going for 10 kills, four digs, two blocks, and a pair of aces.

Mahan chipped in 10 kills to extend his streak with double-digit stops to eight matches dating back to last year. Zolg fell one dig shy of reaching his third double-double of the year, handing out 37 assists to go with his nine digs, while Avery Aylsworth delivered a career-high 15 digs. Chavers led UC Santa Barbara with 18 kills.

Up Next Loyola puts its three-match winning streak on the line when it hosts No. Joseph 11; Wells 6 Two teams mentioned on only one ballot for a total of seven combined points. Hunter 13; Mount St. Joseph 14 Next Poll: Saint Francis 14 Next Poll: Medaille Men's Volleyball Aims High for medaillesports.

In their storied history the Mavericks have twice earned a trip to the National Semifinals; been honored with multiple All-Americans, and won more than a handful of conference championships. That's why when the season ended, things just didn't feel right. Although this group is talented, we made several mental errors in crunch time and we didn't have that 'go-to' player to rely upon in tight situations.

And while Medaille may have started the season with a lack of experience, playing a schedule that included four top teams in the nation turned last year's weakness into one of 's biggest strengths. The returning players have been working hard on their skill development so I am positive that we will be a much better ball control team which will lead to better production from our hitters. Dempsey appeared in a team high sets and all 30 matches for the Mavericks as a sophomore. DiGesare really came on strong at the end of his freshman campaign and finished with 99 kills and digs.

Ebert also appeared in all 30 matches as a junior, playing in total sets. He finished last season top four on the team in both kills and digs, and brings a much needed leadership presence having been a member of two conference championship teams as a freshman and sophomore.

In total 12 student-athletes who took the court during will be back in the fold for the Mavericks, who will need all the experience it can get with a tough schedule waiting for them. Once again the Mavericks will take on the moniker of road warriors this season, as just five matches will take place in the friendly confines of the Sullivan Center. Adding to the scheduling oddity is the switch to playing each conference team just once, as opposed to playing everyone twice as has been customary in the each of Medaille's first three seasons in the NEAC.

Right out of the gates Medaille finds itself facing some of the best competition in the country. On January 26 and 27 they take part in the Clash at Kean, which is hosted by the number 11 team in the nation.

Match number two of the year comes against the Lasers of Lasell, a team that received the most votes in the AVCA preseason poll without cracking the top That will be the first of two meetings between the Mavs and Lasers, as they will see each other once again on February 16 at the Golden Flyer Invitational. After kicking off their season in New Jersey on January 26, Medaille will play just one home match during the first three weeks of against St.

John Fisher on February 6. Medaille's second home match won't come until 12 days later when they host Buffalo Cup rival D'Youville College on Sunday, February The tilt against the Spartans is the first of two home matches in a four match stretch, the second coming on Tuesday, February 27 against the Lions of Penn State Behrend.

While life on the road can be a grind, especially with the length of a Men's Volleyball season, it can be a lot of fun as well. Even with an extremely tough schedule a head, Koch knows that last years building blocks may have laid the foundation for what can be a terrific Spartans Finish Weekend with Loss to St.

John Fisher by losing to the host Cardinals by the final score of The Spartans came out in the first set and played extremely well. They never trailed in the first, taking a one-point lead and growing it to six at Fisher would pull to within four at before the Spartans would score five straight points to win the first However, none of those scores would go the Spartan's way. The Cardinals never trailed in the second set and took a nine-point lead over the Spartans.

D'Youville came back to trail by three but ultimately lost the second. After the Cardinals trailed in the third they would come back to tie the match at and score five of the final six points to take a lead in the match. In the third after trailing , Fisher would come back to lead and finish off the Spartans to win the match The next match for the men will come next Friday, January 26 as they travel to Elmira to play Thiel at 6: John Fisher College men's volleyball team took to the court for the second and final day of the inaugural Cardinal Classic on Saturday for two matches versus D"Youville College and Endicott College.

To start the day, the Cardinals defeated the Spartans in four sets , , , and then fell in their second match to Endicott , , Fisher now sits at overall, while D'Youville fell to and Endicott improved to on the season. After dropping the first set, Fisher battled back and took the next three sets in a back-and-forth match against the Spartans.

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Any information is appreciated. About Sebring International Raceway. I ended up working at the Library for all four years at UB.

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With the score tied at 18 a long rally ended up with Denoncourt taking the second ball following a Matthew Grace dig and he threw up a perfect set to Cole who recorded a kill on the outside to give the Hawks their first lead of the set.

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In the tiebreaking third game, Niagara Frontier eked out a win to lock up the quarterfinal match. Wilmer and the Dukes probably played there. The anchoring, in essence, is two-fold: I met my wife there. Speed dating wny Swan Jan And by speed dating wny up the paint each year, the whole structure still looks beautifully new. We were reckless back then, but dsting sure had fun.